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Lino Ritchie, Pane in the Glass and Floral and Hardy – the UK’s best trade company names



It’s been a tough three years of political doom and gloom for the UK, so leading tradesperson comparison site,, has provided a little light-hearted relief by collating some of the best trade company names currently operating across the UK and Ireland.

The trade sector is an incredibly competitive space and while sites like can help whittle away the choice, these guys and girls certainly stand out from the crowd thanks to their imaginative trading names.  

Famous faces

Some are based on mainstream famous faces such as Spruce Springclean, a cleaning service in Cornwall or Bonny Tiler, a bathroom, plumbing and tiling company in the Vale of Glamorgan.

There’s also Lino Richie, a flooring company and perhaps the best named company in Ireland or, for all of your wood stripping, painting and decorating needs, Jack the Stripper is on hand to help in Twickenham.

TV related

If TV shows are more your flavour there’s plenty of great crossovers in the trade sector.  

Lawn N Order in North Lincolnshire is on hand to keep the peace in your garden, while Surelock Homes, a locksmith from Portsmouth, can keep you safe from intruders.

If you need a bit of comedic relief added to your London garden then Floral and Hardy are a great option.

If cartoons are more your thing, you can choose between He-Van removals in Brighton or Barney Rubble interior building and garden landscaping in Stockton-on-Tees.

Straight up funny

Some of the best about lean more on a play on words than a famous face or TV show.  

Perhaps the best of the lot is Stopcocks Women Plumbers, a national company for female only plumbers and heating engineers, although U-benders plumbing in Brighton and Pane in the glass window installation in Ashford are also up there.

Founder and CEO of, Tarquin Purdie, commented:

“With the sheer volume of tradespeople in the UK, standing out from the crowd is an uphill struggle and whether you compete on price, provide a better level of service, or simply catch the eye with a creative company name, it’s important to have a differentiating factor between you and the competition.

Many people may have a particular opinion of tradespeople as a bit rough around the edges and perhaps lacking the creativity or ingenuity of other professions, but as this demonstrates, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether it’s company names or the work they carry out, the UK trade sector is home to some great talent.”

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Cost of maintaining a buy-to-let hits £12k a year in parts of the UK



Leading property management platform, Howsy, has looked at the cost of maintaining a buy-to-let property each year and how this varies across the UK.  

Buy-to-let can be a tricky business if you don’t tackle it properly and there are a whole host of costs that can trip up the amateur investor. From the more obvious additional three percent stamp duty tax, to various other tax implications, void periods, mortgage costs, agency fees, the cost of finding a tenant, and more, Howsy’s previous research shows the average buy-to-let brings an annual return of just £2,000.

With the Government’s continued attack on UK landlords, making the most out of your investment financially can be tough and even when you consider all financial commitments for a property, many can still be caught unaware by out of the blue maintenance and repair costs. 

Buy-to-let landlords should squirrel away savings in anticipation of these events and an industry rule of thumb is an annual budget equivalent to 1% of your property’s value. 

So what does that equate to?  

Across the UK landlords should be tucking away an annual budget of £2,344 to cover repairs and maintenance, with this rising to £4,746 in London, with the North East home to the lowest repair costs at just £1,328. 

Of course, markets with higher rent returns may seem promising from an investment standpoint but the higher the reward, the higher the cost when things do go wrong. In Kensington and Chelsea, this annual 1% saving climbs to an eye-watering £12,292, hitting nearly £9,000 in both the Cities of London and Westminster.  

Outside of London, South Bucks and Elmbridge are home to the most expensive buy-to-let maintenance costs at £6,091 and £6,019 respectively.

Head to the likes of Burnley or Blaenau Gwent however, and this yearly maintenance budget drops to less than £1,000 a year.

Founder and CEO of Howsy, Calum Brannan, commented: 

“The buy-to-let sector can be a minefield for the amateur investor and now more than ever, it’s imperative that you do everything you can to maximise the return on your investment.

While technology now allows a greater level of control and service when managing your investment at a lower cost via online platforms, it isn’t just about the financial side of things. Providing a fit for purpose property is not only a legal requirement but essential to ensure a happy tenancy and a reduction in void periods.

Of course, things can go wrong and having the budget available to fix them is a must. In the worst-case scenarios, a cash pot equal to one percent of your property’s value might not be sufficient, but it should cover you for most eventualities and is a good benchmark to start on.

As with all buy-to-let investments, good preparation, organisation, and education are key, and whether you go it alone or have a great management agent if you stay on top of things, a bricks and mortar investment is still one of the best you can make.” 

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