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Lidl and Iceland investigate after Crawley customers receive parking fines

Customers who have been using the two supermarkets in Three Bridges have found themselves receiving fines for parking outside of bays when there was no alternative.



We have all seen it. The only spaces left leave you parking with wheels crossing into another bay, usually because of one car that has parked so far over you cannot do anything but park with wheels across two bays.

But it appears wardens who are operating the car park in Three Bridges for customers parking for either Lidl or Iceland don’t seem to care and want to penalise customers who have no alternative but to breach the rule if they want to park there.

Numerous customers have received fines for this ‘breach’ of the rules.

The signage clearly states that cars must be parked correctly in bays.

After posting her ticket on a local community groups facebook page one resident was flooded with responses from other residents who had experienced the same thing.

One said they had received a £150 fine while another said they got a fine for parking in an unmarked space.

What made it worst for the customers was the supermarket managers responses after being told what was happening.

One lady told us:

“There were two managers I spoke to and after explaining what had happened they both just shrugged their shoulders and said it was nothing to do with them. But we are their customers, why wont they help?

After investigating it turns out the land is owned by Legal & General Investment Management who are the landlords and who have instructed UK Parking Control to look after the car park.

We approached both Lidl and Iceland to find out what action they would be taking with their landlord to stop this ‘jobsworth’ activity from penalising their customers.

A spokesperson for Lidl said:

“We always aim to provide our customers with the best possible shopping experience, and were therefore concerned to learn of this matter.

Unfortunately, as Lidl does not own or operate the carpark, we do not have any control over the parking restrictions in place.

We would, however, like to reassure customers that our teams will be speaking to the landlord as a matter of urgency, to ensure that these cases are looked into as priority.”

While Iceland said:

“Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. Our property team will urgently raise these customer concerns with our landlord which, as you correctly note, is responsible for the management of the car park.”

Whilst it is all very well and good that the supermarkets are ‘looking into it’ this does not help those who have already received a fine.

We finally tracked down a spokesperson from Legal and General who was able to confirm that they would investigate the matter urgently but who at time of publishing had not yet responded.

In the meantime anyone who has received a fine is advised not to ignore it as the rules are clearly marked in the car park.

CN24 was given assurances that all parties, Lidl, Iceland and Legal and General were taking this matter seriously and would update us the moment they had completed their investigation.

UK Parking Control has yet to respond to our request for comment.


The Cowdray Arms is back!

The anticipated re-launch following a huge refit has finally completed and it looks amazing.



Only two weeks ago we did a story on how the Cowdray Arms had been bought and leased by new owners. You can read that story here.

Now after many weeks renovations, a new concept, a new Michelin Star chef and staff eager to show off their stunning venue it has finally opened.

We took a glimpse inside to share the wonderful new look and feel.

A brand new dining room with stunning fire place.
Spaces transformed to accommodate more guests.
A high class feel in a very relaxed atmosphere.
Beautiful touches of design incorporated throughout with lighting to match.
Maintaining the traditional feel of the pub.
Introducing a new range of gins for guests to try.
The traditional pub feel has not been lost.
Refreshed yet stylish design throughout.
The ‘iconic’ branding is back.

It is a fantastic transformation, but the venue is only one part for the new menu and with a Michelin Star chef overseeing the kitchen the class of cooking is way above any ‘pub chain’ across the town.

With an enlarged garden area now finished and even boutique rooms soon to be available, the Cowdray Arms is certainly back

You can find out more information by contacting the Cowdray Arms on 01444 811 280

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