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UPDATE: Labour & Lib Dems furious over UKIPS support for Conservatives in Crawley



The news broke this morning that UKIP will not be putting up a candidate in Crawley, but will instead be putting its support behind Conservative Henry Smith.

Labour Council Leader Peter Lamb commented:

“Given that UKIP have previously described Crawley as ‘just another urban mega-sprawl’ it is disappointing to now see Henry Smith getting into bed with them. It’s increasingly clear that only Crawley Labour put Crawley first.”

In a reaction to the news the Lib Dems put out a statement.

“Moderate Conservatives need to ask themselves if there is any difference between the Conservative Party and the vile prejudice of UKIP. Conservative voters need to think carefully before placing their vote. A vote for the Tories is now a vote UKIP, who may as well take the rest of the election off because the Tories are fighting their campaign to rip Britain out of the Single Market and to end the right to remain for EU citizens”

“There is a blazer-clad, regressive alliance between UKIP, the Conservatives and even some Labour MPs. The only opposition to these three Brexit-style parties is the Liberal Democrats. There is a clear choice at this election to keep Britain open, tolerant and united – and that is to vote Liberal Democrat. “

Conservative Henry Smith responded with:

“A clear majority – 58 per cent of Crawley electors – voted to leave the EU in last June’s referendum. Helping restore a global Britain with full democratic control at home once again has been a long held ambition for me and many others in our town.

“However, we need to secure the result, which some still don’t respect, for a strong and stable future. In that on-going effort which I’m proud to be part of, I welcome the support of all patriots in this election and beyond.

“I support Theresa May in securing the best deal for Britain – the alternative is a coalition of chaos led by Jeremy Corbyn and propped up by Nicola Sturgeon.”

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