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BREAKING NEWS: Labour lose control of Crawley Council after councillor jumps ship



Control of Crawley Council is up in the air after a Northgate and West Green Councillor left the labour party and went independent yesterday.

Councillor Karen Sudan made the startling move meaning that Crawley no longer has a party with a majority and therefore Labours control over the town no longer exists.

With no planned elections till May ’21 the council is now left with 17 Labour Councillors, 17 Conservative Councillors and 1 Independent.

This move is most certainly going to have a huge impact on the voting situation at the council.

Councillor Sudan has now published her resignation letter explaining her decision here.

CN24 tried to contact Councillor Sudan for additional comment but was unable to at time of publication.


Crawley Council Leader agrees to meet with opposition party to resolve towns leadership situation



The leader of Crawley Borough Council, Peter Lamb, has agreed to meet with the towns opposition party, the Conservatives after an invite was extended in response the Mr Lambs call for a motion of no confidence.

In what has been a very tense time across the town politically for the past week, with two Councillors leaving the Labour party resulting in the party have a minority council, another step forward has been made for the council to come to an agreement of how it will continue for the rest of the year.

In a letter replying to Conservative Leader Duncan Crow, Peter Lamb says:

“We belong to different parties of very different beliefs, beliefs which in any ordinary circumstances would make joint-working impossible… However, current circumstances are far from ordinary…Recent events mean that no such majority exists.

We owe it to the town to resolve the current impasse. Consequently the Labour Group has asked that I take up your offer of talks to see what, if any, agreement can be reached.”

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