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‘It’s like playing cat and mouse’ says business owner as travellers move around Manor Royal, Crawley



Security across Manor Royal has been tightened as businesses secure their car parks.

Some say they should be left alone but to business owners who are affected by their presence it is a different story.

Since the beginning of the week several sites across Crawley have found themselves coping with new residents as the yearly arrival of travellers comes to the area.

In the past week alone travellers have so far camped up on West Green Park, near St Mary’s and at two sites around Manor Royal.

West Sussex Council along with Crawley Borough Council have acted as fast as they could to take action but it has taken 48 hours before deadlines were able to be reached for the travellers to be moved on.

But in Manor Royal it has been a large headache for several businesses who found their car parks taken over by caravans and kids playing.

The site on Gatwick Road.

No sooner did they manage to get security in and the caravans move on than the air is filled with police sirens as reports of travellers moving onto derelict land only a few hundred yards down the road on Gatwick Road.

What makes the Gatwick Road site more unusual is that it is owned by Surrey County Council and not Sussex which may delay action although a source at Surrey County Council said they were aware of the situation and were taking action.

One business owner based on the first site who asked be kept anonymous said:

“It’s a bloody joke. It’s like playing cat and mouse. They will just keep moving around and no-one seems to be able to do anything quickly. The mess they have left is sickening and they wonder why they get a bad reputation?”

The mess left at one Manor Royal office after the caravans left.

With the travellers currently setup on West Green Park given a deadline of 10:30am to move on the question being asked is where will they move to next and why is more not being done to protect businesses and residents from feeling invaded.


Crawley school honoured to be visited by Holocaust survivor



Students from The Gatwick School were fascinated to hear from a survior from the Holocaust when he made a visit to the school earlier this week.

Survivor John Hajdu, who was born in 1937, came to the school to speak about his experience of the Holocaust in Budapest, Hungary.

His forty minute talk fascinated the students who were clearing moved by what he had to ssay.

The testimony was followed by a question and answer session to enable students to better understand the nature of the holocaust and to explore it’s lessons in more depth. 

The visit was part of the Holocaust Educational Trust Outreach Program

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