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‘It’s about real change’ says Labour candidate as party claims 3.5k Crawley children would get 30 hours of free childcare

It is described as a radical expansion of free healthcare that will exceed all other political party’s offers.



A new policy that would see 1,000 Sure Start centres across England replace those that have gone has been proposed by Labour with Crawley’s candidate whole-heartedly supporting it.

The plans laid out are to expand free childcare to 30 hours a week for all 2-4 year-olds which has the potential to save families thousands of pounds a year.

According to Labour an analysis by the House of Commons Library, found that Labour’s expansion of free childcare would see:

·      a family with one 2 year old (currently ineligible for childcare support) save over £5,000 a year

·      families with 2-4 year olds (currently only eligible for 15 hours childcare support) save over £2,500 a year.

Peter Lamb, Crawley Council Leader and Labour’s Candidate in Crawley, said:

“This policy is about the real change that the next Labour government is going to bring to people’s lives.

“Just imagine how much easier this will make life and work for the parents of young families in Crawley.

“You can’t trust the Tories and the Lib Dems with childcare – they cut more than a thousand Sure Start centers across the country and told us it’s impossible for the state to make people’s lives better by helping with childcare.

“Yet I’ve met families across Crawley who struggle to afford the childcare they need to return to work. For too many families that results in the use of foodbanks and rising numbers of children growing up in poverty in our town, even though at least one parent is working full time.

“This is another example of Labour delivering real change that makes a difference to real people’s lives.”

Henry Smith

Henry Smith MP: NHS Scaremongering over trade bill is appalling



This week the House of Commons voted on the Trade Bill. This legislation is a continuity Bill, and cannot be used to implement new free trade agreements.

Indeed, it is designed to enable those free trade agreements that the EU had signed with other countries before the UK left to be transitioned.

Our NHS is already protected by specific exceptions and reservations in these trade agreements. Some 20 continuity agreements have already been signed, retaining all of these protections for the NHS.

Sadly, but predictably, some have sought to frighten people with cynical fake news into believing those MPs, like me, who supported this Bill voted to sell our NHS to foreign companies, that is simply not the case. Such scare tactics when it comes to our NHS, especially during a global pandemic, are appalling and those involved in misinformation should be ashamed of themselves.

Anyway, international treaties cannot themselves amend domestic legislation and any changes required as a result of trade agreements would be subject to the separate scrutiny and approval of Parliament.

Some of the amendments to the Bill were laid with little other intention than to prompt parliamentary debate on a topic. Unfortunately, the scope of some amendments has been wilfully misinterpreted by some, as is often the case with opposition amendments.

The Government has made an absolute commitment that our NHS will not be on the table in any future trade agreements to which Britain is party.

This was clear in the manifesto which I, and every single other Conservative MP, was elected on at last December’s General Election.

Also earlier this week I met with the Health & Social Care Secretary where we discussed promising developments in securing a COVID-19 vaccine, support for cancer patients and an above inflation pay rise for National Health Service clinicians.

The facts are that record high levels of NHS investment are being made by this Government with some 6,000 extra doctors and 12,000 additional nurses recently recruited.

Henry Smith MP
Crawley Constituency

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