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“Is this a real account?” Surrey Police questioned over ‘distasteful’ tweet

Some have called it humour while others have called it offensive.



Surrey Police have caused controversy over a recent tweet they posted.

Following the news that Prince Harry and Meghan were to step away as senior royals someone within Surrey Police posted the following tweet:

Instantly there were mixed reponses with many questioning how this comment was even allowed.

One response said:

“Very distasteful and not at all the kind of tweets the public expect regarding the royal family.”

another said:

“This is very ill-advised given that every warranted officer attests to servce the Queen and to respect everyone equally.”


“Offensive you are here to uphold the law not make sly political statments.”

While one even wondered if the account was fake with:

“OMG Is this a real account?!?”

But some seemed to see a funny side to the tweet saying:

“It’s bloody hilarious. Well done.”

While another wondered if the account had been hacked saying:

“Ace – well done whoever hacked this and if you’re an actual copper I’d get onto Indeed pronto.”

But whichever way you take the tweet it has raised many questions, most notably whether it is a real tweet and if so how has it not crossed the first three points of the police’s Code Of Conduct.

The first point is Honesty and Integrity which states:

“avoid being improperly beholden to any person or institution; and discharge their duties with integrity”

Point two, Fairness and Impartiality states:

“Police officers have a particular responsibility to act with fairness and impartiality in all their dealings with the public and their colleagues. “

and point three is Politeness and tolerance:

“Officers should treat members of the public and colleagues with courtesy and respect, avoiding abusive or deriding attitudes or behaviour. In particular, officers must avoid: favouritism of an individual or group; all forms of harassment.”

In addition, last year one of the biggest national campaigns the police ran was one asking people to report if they had ‘been offended’ by someone. A slightly controversial campaign where people were being encouraging to report insulting remarks by individuals.

In response Surrey Police tried to justify the tweet saying:

“We used one of the biggest news stories of the day to get across our recruitment message in a very competitive market. While it might not have been to everyone’s taste, to date it has resulted in more than 600 visits to the recruitment pages of our website.

We always aim to be innovative on our social media channels and take on board any comments both positive and negative.”

Police and Crime Commissioner David Munro said:  

“At this current time, Surrey Police are increasing their numbers of officers and staff for the first time in over a decade and are working hard to actively recruit to a number of roles within the Force. I fully support their efforts to achieve this and appreciate that the Force need to look at different ways to get that recruitment message out to as wide an audience as possible.

“I understand that sometimes humour and topical comment may be used to reach those audiences. I have seen the tweet in question and I’m satisfied that the content was designed to highlight Surrey Police’s recruitment drive and was not intended to be disrespectful to the Royal Family.”


First Covid-19 now Crawley’s MP has to shutdown parliamentary system as malware virus strikes



If it wasn’t hard enough working during the coronavirsu shutdown, now another virus has struck causing even more problems.

A malware virus has struck the office of Crawley’s MP Henry Smith.

The issue has meant that his office has had to shudown their parliamentary systems.

Mr Smith and his colleagues are confident that they are still able to respond to emails from residents albeit with some delay.

But delays in bringing the system back online could be hampered by the Easter Holidays. An insider insinuated that they hoped the system would be sorted by Good Friday but it was going to be hard work due to the lockdown.

Commenting on the situation Mr Smith said:

“Ironically my parliamentary system has had to be shut down due to a malware virus. As you will appreciate during this CV19 period I’m handling hundreds of cases in remote circumstances already. This just got more challenging, so please factor in if contacting me for assistance.”

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