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Is snow coming again? Truth is we don’t know yet!

Do we need to pull out those wooly hats again or is this just more exagerated nonsense?



Mention the word snow and the chances are most people look up with one of two reactions.

Concern or Excitement.

That is except for most people in Crawley.

With the country having just experienced on of the coldest February’s ever and with the MET office now saying another cold belt is headed towards us suddenly talk of snow is back on the cards.

So why are Crawley people not as concerned?  Could it be that only a couple of weeks ago as most of the country struggled under the grip of artic conditions and snow piling up meant travel was almost impossible that we here basked (well anything above -3 IS basking in this country) and went about our day just like any other.

Yes a few schools closed but not because of the terrible conditions here, more over because staff lived in areas ‘actually’ affected.

So what is the prediction for this cold snap?

There is a large pool of cold air from northern Europe that is slowly making its way towards the UK.  Experts are not yet sure if this will actually even reach the UK yet, but if it continues its progress in the same direction then come Saturday we are in for a very cold couple of days.

This is where the snow warnings come in.  Whilst the temperature is not expected to be as cold as it was a few weeks ago, there is a very high chance of frost at night and a possibility of snow, particularly over the SE of the country.

So before you start to panic buy more thermals and knuckle down for that artic storm, heed the advice of the experts and in-fact just keep an eye on the weather reports as we get closer to the weekend.

For the truth is no-one yet knows if snow is on its way.

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Did Crawley Council Leader really tell worried business owners ‘we’ll let the court decide’ over rent hikes?

It has become one of the hot topics of the year, the 30% rent increase for businesses on Tilgate Parade. But has an open letter from a councillor revealed more than just a heated debate.



Take a walk through any part of Crawley where there are shops. How many of them are the same ones that were there just a few years ago?

In-fact if you walk through the town centre then you are almost going on a walk of memory as you pass empty units or one of the too-many-to-count coffee shops.

Parades so far have faired a little better with most retaining their stores but for how much longer?

Rules set out that rents for businesses must be set at a certain percentage of the value of the property, we will gloss over the fact that councils do have options in which they can reduce this as this has been spoken about at length before.

So a 30% rent hike, whilst shocking, is not surprising as prices increase over the years.

Tilgate Parade where rents are to increase by 30%.

But now an open letter by Tilgate Councillor Francis Guidera has potentially revealed just how much tension there really is between the business owners and the council.

In the letter (which you can read here) Mr Guidera talks about a discussion held after a recent Full Council meeting where eight Tilgate Parade business owners were ‘confronted’ by the Council Leader.

According to Mr Guidera’s letter, Council Leader Peter Lamb ‘demanded’ to know why the council should ‘subsidise’ profit making businesses.

Now heated words between disgruntled residents, business owners and opposing councillors are nothing new but according to Mr Guidera the parting words from the Council Leader appear to show that tensions are at breaking point.

“We’ll let the court decide” – these are the final words, according to Mr Guidera, that Peter Lamb used to the Crawley business owners as the conversation/debate/argument (use what you will because it is not clear what it was) came to a conclusion.

The whole country is on a political see-saw with every party taking any opportunity it can to score points from the other so letters like this can be seen to be just that, another point scoring opportunity – BUT – ‘if’ what Mr Guidera saying is right then it does beg the question of whether the council is really understanding the true concerns of the very people it represents.

CN24 approached Mr Lamb for comment but at time of publishing had not received a response.

There are rules, regulations, legislation to follow but there are also opportunities open to councils to make a difference and to help those it works hard to convince it wants to help. So why such defiance?

The see-saw has dropped on one side now, let’s see what comes out to make it tip the other way?

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