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‘Is Crawley Leader on a power trip?” – local Councillor asks



Following the news that a Labour Councillor left the party to go independent, in turn creating a no majority party council, Tilgate Councillor Francis Guidera has penned a response.

Cllr Guidera writes

“Cllr Karen Sudan publicly accused Crawley Council Leader Cllr Peter Lamb yesterday.

She wrote:

“The Coronavirus crisis made it even more important for there to be input from all Councillors and at the outset I suggested setting up a crisis committee (which could, and perhaps should, involve opposition members. Their residents have as much right to representation as others). The Council Leader dismissed this suggestion, even though there was support for it from other Labour members. He said that councillors have no role to play in the current crisis, and he has acted unilaterally all along.”

So Peter now stands accused by his own colleague of disregarding his Labour colleagues and disregarding the 17 Conservative councillors at a time when we should all have been working together during this terrible crisis for the benefit of all Crawley residents.

Right now we need to be working together. We must be discussing the future of the town, how to save jobs, how to support the economy, that’s what we’re elected to do!

Crawley faces the biggest multifaceted crisis in its history and we have a leader of 17 Labour Councillors who allegedly doesn’t want to involve many of them and all of the 17 Conservative Councillors!?!

Making it worse is the reality that if we’d had the May election I am almost certain we would have taken control of the council and Labour would not be in power.

This Thursday, 2nd of July, Peter will host yet another live video Facebook Q&A on the Crawley Borough Council Facebook page. I’m sure you have questions for him…”


A Game of Politics – as the end of the pop-up cycle lanes approaches why isn’t everyone happy?



Yesterday we exclusively revealed that a change was afoot over the removal of the controversial pop-up cycle lanes in Crawley.

Sources revealed to CN24 how a decision to remove the pop-up cycle lanes was about to be made, but it appears this upcoming decision has caused more political tangling than you might expect.

Instead of the towns political figures banding together to support the removal of what, arguably the majority of residents have wanted to be removed, a game is now afoot over who has done the ‘real’work to make this happen.

The political games of pre-covid have returned with a vengeance and communication, published on social media, between County Council representatives and local councilors has done nothing to appease this.

A tweet published this morning, (3rd Nov) by County Councilor and Crawley Borough Councilor Michael Jones, shows the extent of the discontent based ‘entirely’ due to a response made by the Crawley MP’s office over the pop-up cycle lanes.

The irony, of course, is the extent to how ‘sad’ political games have to be brought in over something the majority of people never wanted.

But don’t expect that to stop points scoring even at dire times like an upcoming lockdown.

When the cycle lanes appeared there was major discontent, with a petition launched, a mass emailing saga erupting to the county council and most of the local leaders – all with one objective – to have the lanes removed.

Now, with a light at the end of a very leaf strewn autumnal tunnel, instead of the political community coming together to admit, quite literally, that the pop-up cycle lanes were – and let’s not beat about the bushes here – a total disaster and we should all be celebrating at their pending removal – it appears everyone wants to take credit for something that is about to happen, or use the blame culture for credit that in-fact no-one knows has had any effect whatsoever.

What’s more, where credit has not been suggested or implied, everyone is angered rather than celebrating. When I say everyone, I of course refer to those with a political point scoring agenda.

Whoever and whatever has happened to help make the change should actually be irrelevant but, let’s be honest, when did that ever matter when there is an opportunity for a quick tweet to score a point?

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