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Inspiring Crawley man crushed under dumper truck and left paraplegic fundraising for pioneering rehabilitation



Twenty years ago Steve Collins had a horrific accident when he was crushed after a dumper truck tipped over on him.

Following initial rehabilitation, his condition, was described as incurable.

“There was nothing more the NHS could do for me,” says Steve.

“Since leaving hospital I have always managed to live independently in my own bungalow using my resourcefulness and ingenuity to live a full and active life, but my goal has always been to heal my body.”

For the last fifteen years Steve has been involved in pioneering work in the field of Advanced Bio-Mechanical Rehabilitation. Known as ABR Therapy, this is the brain child of a Russian man called Leonid Blyum.

“I have been working under his guidance and we are proving that spinal injury is a treatable condition.” Steve Explains.

But there are no miracle cures and it is a long slow process and in all this time Leonid Blyum has been evolving and refining the techniques as the therapy has developed.

So far Steve has made enormous improvements and is now well on his way to walking again, but there is still a long way to go.

“In order to overcome a spinal injury, it is necessary to rebuild the catastrophic collapse of the primary core structure of the body. Unfortunately the medical establishment focuses solely on nerve damage and fails to see the vitally important bio-mechanical aspects. When we address the bio-mechanics and rebuild the structure we find that the nerve pathways re-establish of their own accord, despite the terrible damage I did to my spine.”

“Before this therapy my body was terribly depleted and everything was a struggle, including sitting. I could sit on the bus, but had to hold on for dear life. Now I can sit comfortably with my hands in my lap as the bus lurches round the corners. In the past when I went to sleep I woke up in exactly the same position, full of aches and pains. Now I have the strength in my body to toss and turn in my sleep like anyone else. I used to be paralysed from the waist down, now I have strength in my pelvis and control of my legs at the hips and knees. I live comfortably and move around with ease, can crawl on all fours and weight bear through my legs with a good hand hold.”

“I have every intention of walking again and need another five years to finish rebuilding my body. It is important that I continue this work, not only for my own future, but for the future of all who follow in my footsteps. I make it my mission to show what is possible.

Now Steve is fundraising to continue the vital work in Advanced Bio-Mechanical Rehabilitation and to also help him walk again.

You can support Steve and his campaign by going to his GoFundMe page here.

For more information you can also see Steve’s website here


Founder of Crawley Old Girls FC shortlisted for Vitality Grassroots Sportswoman of the Year

The Vitality Grassroots Sportswoman of the Year Award celebrates individuals who have actively engaged with different groups of people within their community through sport.



Carol Bates

Carol Bates has become a well known figure across Crawley since she founded the Crawley Old Girls Football Club five years ago.

The team is a recreational way for ladies over 25 to stay fit and healthy whilst enjoying football.

Now with over 100 members they have inspired other clubs to start up across the area.

Earlier this year Carol organised for more than 200 women to play an ‘old girls’ World Cup in France.

Speaking to Crawley News 24 Carol said:

“I’m just amazed to be nominated, let alone be chosen to be one of the final four in the first place, particularly when you look at who else has been nominated.

I only just found out who nominated me this morning and it is absolutely unbelievable and I am very grateful to anyone who decides to vote for me.

Learning to play football at a later age is a great way for women to become active. You don’t need any experience as we offer beginners sessions and it’s great for mental and physical health in a non-judgemental environment.”

You can find out more about Carols nomination and vote for her at the awards website by clicking here.

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