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Ifield residents in Crawley told to prepare for traffic delays as work begins next week on new Ifield Avenue cycleway

Works to create a cycleway along Ifield Avenue, Crawley, will start next Monday 16 September.



Photo: Google Street View

The works are scheduled to take place for 14 weeks, ending on Friday 20 December and will cost £350,000.

The existing footway along the north east side of Ifield Avenue, from the Ifield Drive roundabout to the entrance of the rugby club, will be widened to approximately 3 metres to create a shared use cycleway/footway. Three raised tables will also be created to improve the ease of use and visibility of the cycleway where it crosses side road junctions (the junctions with Stagelands, Stafford Road and Rushetts Road).

Some sections of fencing and trees will also be removed to enable the widening. New trees will be planted nearby to replace those being removed.

West Sussex County Council Cabinet Member for Highways and Infrastructure, Roger Elkins, said:

“One of our council priorities is to improve or introduce better cycling infrastructure across the county. The aim is that the new cycleway will encourage cycling, particularly to the two schools in the local area.

“It’s possible that the works will cause some disruption in the local area. We will of course make every effort to minimise the impact of the project but there will be a requirement for traffic signals at times and short road closures for most of the side junctions when the raised tables are being constructed.”

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New £100k pedestrian crossing for families’ taking children to school installed in West Green



West Green Primary School Business Manager Annette pictured trying the new crossing with her daughter before the school reopened.

A new pedestrian crossings has been installed in the past few months and is now operational, helping families with the walk to a school in West Green.

The crossing in Crawley cost £100,00 and is aimed to improve safety for families with school-age children – plus pedestrians generally.

With schools reopening and roads becoming busier after lockdown, people are being encouraged to leave their cars at home and consider other travel choices.

Roger Elkins, Cabinet Member for Highways and Infrastructure, said:

“The new crossings provide a safer route to schools for families and to other local amenities for pedestrians generally.

“People are being encouraged to consider walking or cycling for their journeys, if they can. It’s a great way to get fit, save fuel money and reduce the number of cars on the road. This in turn will improve air quality and reduce congestion.”

West Green Primary School requested the Puffin crossing for West Green Drive and worked with the county council’s transport improvements team to build the case for road safety improvements.

Other enhancements had already been introduced, including ‘School Keep Clear’ markings, to provide pupils and parents with a safer environment.

Throughout this process, West Green continued to provide pupils with road safety education and encourage sustainable travel.

West Green Primary School Business Manager Annette Tomsett said:

“The school is delighted to have worked closely with West Sussex County Council in bringing to fruition this crossing. It will make a huge difference in the safe route to school for our pupils and families, alongside having a positive impact for the whole community for now and for the future.”

The improvements cost a total of about £100,000.

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