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‘I have never been so offended in all my life’ says councillor after Crawley leader calls opposition ‘not good people’

The general election may be over but local politics are not about to slow down for the Christmas period.



It was a busy Full Council last night for the councillors of Crawley and no sooner had the past weeks of canvassing ended when the bickering between the locally elected was to start up yet again.

But rather than the motions carried making the headlines it was a comment made by the Labour leader Peter Lamb which has caused upset.

According to Maidenbower Councillor Jennifer Millar-Smith, Mr Lamb referred to the conservative councillors as ‘not good people’.

In a letter to CN24 Cllr Millar-Smith says:

“In all my years as a councillor (2004 – 2012 and again since May 2019) I have never felt so shocked and frankly very hurt by an opposing political party as I was at last night’s full council. 

The Leader of Crawley Borough Council Peter Lamb saying, in full council, to the Conservative councillors that we “are not good people” during the Budget strategy amendment debate was the most outrageous and hurtful thing I have encountered in my political career. 

This is during a debate where we wanted to amend the budget strategy to include a review of the 15 year old policy on parade rents.

It is a major issue at the moment so should be reviewed – because it is a real and current issue.  To criticise opposition policy is one thing we can all expect in politics. 

But as Leader of the council to say to your opposition colleagues en masse that we are not good people is an outrage.  Myself and my colleagues do our best for our wards the same as any elected person. 

We also do much for our town, our neighbours and friends every day, quietly and personally, the same as most of us in Crawley do. We are all of us good people regardless of political persuasion. 

It was insulting to myself and my Conservative colleagues as people generally, and as members of our town who have stood as councillors to try and help our community.

Frankly it was an insult to the people of Crawley who elected us.”

In response Crawley Council Leader Peter Lamb said:

“It was a phrase used in the heat of a debate and was not intended to be a reflection of any individual.”


West Sussex raises alert level as more coronavirus cases are confirmed



The current alert level in West Sussex has been escalated to “yellow” (raised local alertness) which means there is an increasing number of confirmed cases of coronavirus. This is in line with the increase in cases being seen nationally. There were 116 confirmed cases in West Sussex in the last seven days.

The County Council has introduced a traffic light system (green, yellow, amber and red) to keep residents informed about the current rate of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the county.

With the rise in cases, residents are being asked to take preventative action to stop the spread of the virus.

This includes following the “Rule of Six” which means you should not meet in groups of more than six people from outside your household both indoors and outdoors.

Residents should continue to wash hands regularly, practise social distancing, wear a face mask when appropriate and get tested when they have symptoms.

Amanda Jupp, West Sussex County Council Cabinet Member for Adults and Health, said:

“So far in West Sussex we have seen a relatively low number of cases of coronavirus. However in line with national trends there has been an increase in recent weeks of the number of people who have tested positive.

“It is important we do all we can to keep numbers as low as possible. In line with government guidance, please do not meet in groups of more than six people. It is also important to continue to wash your hands regularly, keep socially distanced, wear a face mask where appropriate and get tested when you have symptoms.

“I am very grateful to all residents for their continued efforts to ensure the county remains safe. We have done so well to control the spread of COVID-19 in the county up until now and we are keen to keep it that way to ensure we can #KeepWestSussexSafe.”

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