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How hotels are making you fat and how to prevent it



Hotels are designed to make you feel welcome. To make you feel that you can relax in surroundings that are comfortable and protecting.

They are designed to cater to your every whim including that hearty breakfast.  The light lunch followed by the delicious afternoon tea.

And once you are back after a hard day or working or relaxing then there is the glamorous restaurant to feast on.

Of course, sometimes you want to just enjoy your stay in your room and most hotels provide a rich variety of room service.

BUT did you ever stop to think what all this is actually doing to your body?

If you are on a holiday then you can excuse the extra calories as you want to enjoy your stay, but if you are a business person who needs to stay in hotels a lot then this can cause you a problem.

After a long day on the road with clients, the last thing you want to do is stay cooped up in a small room, so down you head to the bar where you pass the evening hours lingering at a table, snacking and drinking away.

Tom Copeland experienced just this;

“I have to stay in a hotel for my job three days a week.  I love my sports and regularly use a gym in hotels, but i found that even that wasn’t stopping me from putting on some extra pounds.  Then I had an idea.  I tried staying in an apartment instead.  This allowed me to cook my own food and as there was a gym just down the road I still managed to get my fitness routine in.  Amazingly, after the first week I actually lost weight!”

There is no secret to any of this, but the facts are that when you surround yourself with limited options then of course most of us take the easy way out.

So if you are finding the same problem as Tom, try a Short Lets apartment.  No more feeling claustrophobic and no more snacking at the bar!

For more information click here and goto LGW Short Lets

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