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Home Secretary Amber Rudd visits Crawley



The Home Secretary Amber Rudd made a visit to Crawley today to give support to the local candidates aiming to take back control of the local council from its current Labour majority.

In what was kept highly secretive until her arrival, the Home Secretary first paid a visit to Gatwick Airport to meet with some of the 400 UK Border Force officers there before she viewed the latest e-gates immigration technology aimed at improving the convenience of travellers as well as the security levels.

She then was whisked to the Crawley Conservative head office where she was introduced to the local candidates and supporters.

Speculation was high that her visit was linked to Crawley MP Henry Smith’s Chagos Islands British Citizenship Bill that he introduced to Parliament earlier in the week.

More news: Crawley MP Henry Smith introduces Chagos Islands British Citizenship Bill to Parliament

When questioned by a reporter over her opinion of Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s idea of a new bridge across the channel she responded promptly saying she was ‘not a huge fan’.

Referring to Henry Smiths bill for the Chagossians she said the Government would ‘look carefully’ at it.

This show of support from a senior government figure is an indication of the level of ambition that the local conservatives have in trying to take back the council from its current Labour stronghold.  With the seats at 17/19 in Labours favour there was a real atmosphere of excitement and encouragement from the supporters and candidates.

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Exact money or contactless ONLY says Metrobus



Metrobus passengers are urged to pay by mobile phone or contactless instead of cash when they board.

Metrobus has announced its drivers will not be able to give out change to those paying by cash from Wednesday 15 April. 

The decision has been made to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus. 

A spokesperson for Metrobus said:

“The bus company would like everybody to pay using the correct money or – better still – to use contactless or mobile phones instead.”

The decision comes as a new timetable is introduced this weekend.

The revised timetable, which was produced in consultation with local councils, continues to honour Metrobus’ commitment to maintaining journeys for key workers, particularly on bus routes serving hospitals. 

Metrobus has also retimed Monday to Friday journeys on route 430 so buses arrive earlier at East Surrey Hospital, after feedback from NHS staff.

Here are the main timetable changes:

•             Route 1 – a revised timetable will be introduced on this service.

•             Route 3 – a revised timetable will be introduced for Sundays – with the 1812 and 2026 departures from Crawley withdrawn and the 2024 departure from Gatwick withdrawn. Further changes to the previous revised timetable for Monday to Saturdays.

•             Route 11 – will not operate.

•             Routes 51, 61 and 65 – will no longer operate on Saturdays. Revised timetables will be introduced for Monday to Fridays.

•             Route 93 and 98 – further changes will occur on these services.

•             Fastway 100 and Route 200 – revised timetables will be introduced on these services.

•             Route 420 and 460 – revised timetables will be introduced on these services.

•             Route 430  – first journey Mondays to Fridays has been retimed to arrive earlier at East Surrey Hospital. No other changes.

•             Route 480 – will operate on Saturday and Sundays only. The Monday to Friday service will not operate.

•             Route 820 – will not operate.

You can find all the detailed, most up-to-date timetable information here.

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