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Henry Smith

Henry Smith: Taking pride in our community

In his article today Crawley MP Henry Smith talks about with election day the town should take pride in its community.



Our town goes to the polls today – Thursday 2nd May. Unusually for Crawley, every seat on the Borough Council is up for election, giving us the chance to change the future direction of our community.

As I go across town, in addition to the issues raised with me by concerned residents, I have seen for myself that the Borough Council’s current leadership have failed to keep Crawley clean and tidy. Sending out press releases on the subject is no substitute for issuing fines for littering.

Hard-working Crawley Conservative councillors will take pride in our community, and will ensure action against such anti-social behaviour.

Figures released this week show that over 700 Crawley families have been able to realise their dream of home ownership thanks to the Government’s Help to Buy ISA and equity loan initiatives.

This is a contrast to Labour’s record, such as the £1.4 million from the sale of council houses which was meant to be spent on new homes in Crawley but actually wasn’t.

The Council’s leadership have also gone over budget on a botched IT project. Conservative councillors will not lose sight of the fact that Council funds are actually the hard-earned money of local taxpayers.

A vote for local Conservative candidates on Thursday is a vote for a better Crawley.

Henry Smith

Celebrating Easter: Henry Smith MP

Crawley MP Henry Smith talks about Christian persecution around the world.



CAs we approached Easter I received many emails from Crawley residents raising the issue of Christian persecution around the world.

This is an important cause I have continued to raise in Parliament. Earlier in the year I joined with Open Doors at their launch of the 2019 World Watch List, which found that around 245 million Christians are at risk of persecution.

I welcome the British Government’s focus on highlighting this issue globally. The Foreign Secretary has asked the Bishop of Truro to lead an independent review of UK Government support for persecuted Christians.

This is expected to look into security provided for minority groups under threat, as well as practical assistance and wider foreign policy priorities. It is hoped that this report will be delivered to ministers in the summer and I look forward to following up further in this regard.

It is right that Britain is taking a lead in ensuring all are able to worship freely.

I would like to wish everyone in Crawley a happy Easter.

Henry Smith MP

Crawley Constituency

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