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Henry Smith

Henry Smith MP: Working with Macmillan Cancer Support in Crawley and Westminster

In his article this week Crawley MP Henry Smith talks about his work with Macmillan.



Last week I met Macmillan Cancer Support clinicians, nurses and staff at Crawley Hospital to thank them for their dedication in supporting patients locally.

I never tire of hearing about their amazing work helping people with cancer, and of the wider help they provide to patients and their support networks.

In July I was pleased to join Macmillan in Parliament as they celebrated their partnership with the National Health Service, while marking the NHS’ 70th birthday.

The Government should work closely with Macmillan to help create a health system able to provide the best possible support for people living with cancer when they most need it.

In 2018 I was pleased to secure and lead two parliamentary debates on cancer care. I took this opportunity to highlight Macmillan’s work for people with all chronic and terminal conditions. It was also a pleasure to pop in to the Macmillan Coffee Morning in Redz Bar at the Broadfield Stadium!

I welcome the NHS Long-Term Plan aiming to increase the proportion of cancers diagnosed at an early stage, from around half now to three quarters of cancer patients by 2028. In ten years’ time these reforms could see 55,000 more people survive cancer each year.

Enhanced mental health support is also vital to help cancer patients who are undergoing treatment, as well as those facing uncertainty while waiting for their treatment to start. Organisations such as Macmillan undertake important work to help all patients and they are thoroughly deserving of our support.

Henry Smith MP

Crawley Constituency R�

Henry Smith

Crawley MP Henry Smith condemns Brexit uncertainty

Henry Smith MP has spoken out against the uncertainty and democratic damage of Brexit not being delivered and in Parliament last week called for the instruction given by the people of Crawley and the UK to leave the EU not to be delayed beyond 29th March 2019.



Speaking in the House Of Commons on Friday 15th Feb, Mr Smith partook in a debate and made his strong feeling very clear.

Here are some of the highlights of what he said:

“It’s been three years since the Brexit referendum was called. With exit day of 29th March only weeks away, I urge the Prime Minister to take a robust approach to the continued negotiations with the EU.

“One of the biggest reasons for the current uncertainty is the continued calls for another vote of the people. Crawley residents – and indeed voters across the UK – have already spoken clearly and it’s up to the Government to carry out their will.

“The previous day I asked Theresa May at Prime Minister’s Questions for assurances over our departure on the date set out in law of 29th March 2019 – the people’s Brexit must not be denied.”

He then followed it up about Crawley itself:

“The message I get is as follows. Just the other day, I was walking down Tilgate shopping parade in my constituency, and as is typically the case, someone came up to me and wanted to know about the current Brexit debate in Parliament.

“They said, “Why aren’t we getting on with the decision we made two and a half years ago?” That is a compelling argument.”

Mr Smith continued on the subject of Brexit uncertainty and the countries relationship with Europe:

“We have heard this afternoon calls for a so-called people’s vote. I would argue that we had a people’s vote in 2016. We have also heard calls for an extension of article 50, to delay our departure from the European Union.

“We have heard from those Members concern about the uncertainty of Brexit. The one thing that will maintain uncertainty is questioning the democratic decision that was taken by holding a second referendum.

“That would certainly do a lot to damage our democracy and prolong uncertainty, as would a delay to article 50, and that is before we even get into the issues of whether the remaining 27 members of the EU would allow article 50 to be extended and, if article 50 were to be extended beyond July, of EU elections.”

“Yes, we absolutely should be seeking and honouring a deep and close relationship with our neighbours and allies in Europe, but the trouble with a customs union, which Labour Members advocate, is that it would prevent us from doing the global free trade deals that, in a world that is getting smaller, are key to our prosperity.

“The key to this country’s future prosperity is our unique global links, and being a conduit for that thanks to our proximity to Europe. We must be robust in the ongoing negotiations, and I support the Prime Minister in continuing them.

“I have never known an EU negotiation that did not go down to the last moment, and I therefore remain optimistic about our future. For goodness’ sake, we should be more optimistic as a House and country, because our best years are ahead.” r

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