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Henry Smith

Henry Smith MP: Time to reflect on those who cannot celebrate the festive season

In his first article of 2019, Crawley MP Henry Smith talks about Open Doors World Watch List.



One of the most important events in my parliamentary calendar takes place later this month. Wednesday 16th January marks the launch of this year’s Open Doors World Watch List.

The World Watch List is a detailed record of the 50 countries where it is most difficult to live as a Christian. Overall, the level of persecution has risen for the fifth year in a row, and being open about what you believe in can lead to beatings, imprisonment, discrimination and abuse. Last year’s list named North Korea the most dangerous country to worship openly.

I am grateful to the Crawley residents who have contacted me in support of Open Doors’ work, not just at this time but all year round. Ahead of the publication of the 2018 report I was pleased to speak in the House of Commons in support of the charity’s efforts standing up for persecuted Christians around the world.

A few years ago I visited Iraqi refugees, listening to individuals affected as a result of the Syrian and Iraqi civil wars. In addition to a greater insight into the horrors of Daesh/ISIS, the visit also highlighted how we must cherish the freedoms we hold dear.

As we approach the twelfth day of Christmas, it is important to reflect on those who have not been able to celebrate the festive season, and who do not have decorations to take down. These are representations I will continue to make with the Prime Minister.

Henry Smith

Crawley MP speaks out ahead of no confidence vote

With the debate raging on in the House Of Commons, the local MP Henry Smith have spoken out about why he voted against the PM’s deal and how he will be voting tonight.



Henry Smith says:

Having listened carefully to the House of Commons debate regarding the Prime Minister’s UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement, I voted against this deal last night.

That arrangement would actually have ceded sovereignty, particularly through the so-called backstop arrangement, which the UK would not have been able to leave unilaterally. This deal did not deliver the Brexit which a majority of Crawley and national voters wanted in their referendum decision.

Tonight, Parliament will decide whether it has confidence in the Government. I will not vote to risk the progress which has taken place since 2010. Investment in our NHS which has seen services return to Crawley Hospital, with a new long-term plan recently published which will see an extra £394 million a week for our health service, has taken place under the Conservatives.

Employment has hit a record high under this Government and wages are rising at their fastest pace in a decade. While full and permanent jobs account for 75 per cent of employment there is still work to be done to ensure even more people have the security of a regular pay packet.

Throughout his whole political career, Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has consistently aided those against the British national interest. I will not give him an opportunity to take these views to Downing Street.

His policies would most hurt those they claim to help; seeing increased taxes, driving wages down and reducing jobs and investment in our country.

Over the last week alone, the Labour Leader failed five times to say whether he would campaign to leave or remain in the European Union.

It should be remembered that over the last three years Parliament has been given its instructions from the British people; the referendum result with a clear decision in favour of leaving the EU, and the last general election where 589 MPs were elected on a pledge to deliver Brexit.

Theresa May’s EU deal was unambitious, but I will not risk the people’s Brexit, so will vote in Parliament tonight in favour of the Conservative Government of economic growth with a record of delivery.

Henry Smith MP

Crawley Constituency

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