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Hazelwick School show just how ‘HOT’ maths really is



You would never associate the words ‘Maths’ and ‘Hot’ together but one of the local Crawley schools has done just that as part of their programme to illustrate how their school is maths positive.

Following an idea suggested by maths teacher and key stage 4 co-ordinator Mr Byrne at Hazelwick School in Three Bridges, the whole maths department pulled together along with the Head and senior management team to create a unique video as a way of getting the message across.

Filmed just before Christmas, it took several weeks for the final edit to be ready but now in all its ‘HOT’ glory it’s been released.

The aim is to show maths in a different light

Deputy Head Dave Leadbitter said:

“We wanted to do something that would show the students just how much maths would benefit them now and in the future.  Hazelwick is a maths positive school and this is just one part in our programme of raising the profile of maths.

“The aim is to show maths in a different light and along with weekly activities done in forms there are also activities sent home to parents so they can discuss it together.”

It’s a very ambitious approach as Maths has always been a subject never generally associated with anything trendy or ‘cool’, so parodying the Big Shaq song “Man’s Not Hot” was a clever twist.

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Students were able to see the video for the first time today (8th Feb) as every maths lesson played the video during the final 3 minutes of their lessons.  Those students who didn’t get to see it will have the same opportunity tomorrow.

But for now, grab your hoody, stick your headphones in, turn up the music, sit back and enjoy.  If this doesn’t get people looking at maths in a new light then what will?

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‘We need to do what we can to help others in our community’ – Crawley pupils put others first during Children in Need day



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On Friday 13th November 2020, Children at Our Lady Queen of Heaven Catholic Primary School in Crawley spent Children in Need Day 2020 putting others first. 

As well as donating £1 to come to school in their own clothes, raising over £355, the children and Teachers spent time looking at the work of Children in Need and other charities, such as Cafod. 

As one pupil noted ‘now more than ever, we need to do what we can to help others in our local and global community’. 

Deputy Head Teacher, Jan Miles, commented:

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