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Has your water pressure dropped? Here’s why

Some residents in Crawley reported low water pressure this morning – Southern Water explains.



Crawley residents have today expressed their concern after properties in some areas experienced low water pressure.

Utility company Southern Water has explained that this drop in pressure is down to ‘planned works to upgrade and repair’ the network in the area.

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So far this summer, demand is far higher than in the last comparable heatwave of 2006. Demand across Southern Water networks then peaked at 628 million litres of water in one day. On 9 July this year, 671.53 million litres were delivered.

Southern Water has found usage in North Sussex including Crawley is up 24 per cent from 70 million litres a day to 87.5 million. But despite that increase, Crawley is heeding the message to cut demand – other areas saw demand soar by more than 70 per cent. Only the Brighton area saw smaller jump in demand.

A Southern Water spokesman said:

“We’re sorry if some of our customers in the RH11 area experienced low water pressure this morning.

“This will have been caused by some planned works to upgrade and repair our network in the area and supplies should be back to normal now. We’re always grateful when customers and the media report problems to us – acting as our eyes on the ground is a valuable service.

“In the current heatwave, we’re also aware that customers might be worried that this was caused by demand out pacing our ability to treat and supply water but we’re glad to say this is not the case. It does underline the need for us all to mindful of our water use – please stay hydrated but remember that a brown lawn will bounce right back when the weather changes.”

Ben Earl, Water Efficiency Manager at Southern Water said:

“Demand is always going to go up in hot weather – we all need to stay hydrated in the heat. But Crawley is clearly doing its bit – using water sensibly helps us to keep up with demand and helps to ensure pressure stays up even at the edge of the network.”

Southern Water say there’re enough resources to ensure that it is highly unlikely any restrictions on use will be imposed on customers. However customers are urged to be mindful when they use water.

A spokesperson for Southern Water said:

“We’re currently treating and pumping through our network 100 million litres more every day than on an average day in 2017.”


BREAKING NEWS: Crawley Council Leader invites call ‘motion of no confidence’ as two Labour Councillors resign



As two Labour Councillors resign from the party leaving Crawley with a minority running the council, the current Crawley Council Leader Peter Lamb has called for a ‘motion of no confidence’ to be called.

So what does this now mean for the town? Well the email sent by the Labour Leader could be a clever decision following the situation he finds his party now in.

A ‘motion of no confidence’ would only come about if the Conservatives decided amongst themselves to call for the motion.

But would they?

This may sound like a strange question, but there is a danger here for without knowing which way the two Councillors who have jumped ship are going to vote, then it could be a clever step by the current Council Leader.

This is because if the motion is called then the onus of who runs the town will end up on the shoulders of the two councillors who have left the Labour party, something which could be seen as a clever manipulation.

So the question about calling for a motion is not a straight forward decision by the Conservatives.

It may be that the Conservatives ignore the invite and look to see through the rest of the year and see how their voting works in the meantime and if they wanted to, call for the motion later in the year.

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