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Government report says Crawley is amongst worst for education, employment & affordable housing to disadvantaged residents



A government report on social mobility has said that Crawley is one of the worst towns in the country “for offering good education, employment opportunities and affordable housing to their more disadvantaged residents.”

The fifth state of the nation report out today, 28th Nov, highlights an alarming “mobility postcode lottery” across Britain.

It goes on to say that the chances of someone from a disadvantaged background succeeding in life is bound to where they live.

The report also warns that Britain is in the grip of an ever-growing division and calls on more spending to parts of the country that most need it.  To highlight this even further it says that the North is £6 billion a year underfunded when compared to London.

Interestingly the report actually debunks the view that a north-south divide exists saying there are actually hotspots and coldspots all over the country with the worst performing areas for social mobility no longer in inner city areas but actually rural and coastal areas.

Crawley was listed as one of the most affluent areas alongside the Cotswold and West Berkshire that deliver worse outcomes for disadvantaged children than places which are much poorer.

Leader of Crawley Borough Council, Peter Lamb, was quick to respond:


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Kevin hall

    28th November 2017 at 7:21 pm

    What is a disadvantaged resident, so what constitutes a disadvantage resident? And yes there is no industry in Crawley as they have all moved out. That is why its call a business park. Full of empty office block, car showrooms a few warehouses,
    Yet the labour controlled town council must have been well aware that this was happing.
    So what have they done? As they have controlled the town hall for years. But I must say. What ever happened to the signs that read. Crawley is a nuclear free zone as you came in to Crawley on it major road, that is were your tax payers money went on. ,

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Cllr Brian Quinn and Crawley Mayor champion Broadfield Barton



It is a welcome sight seeing stores opening across the town again, and none more so than in Broadfield Barton where the towns Mayor and Cllr Guidera met up with Broadfield Cllr Brian Quinn to champion the area.

Speaking about the visit Mayor Guidera said:

“I was delighted to be hosted today by almost certainly the most well-known councillor in Crawley, Broadfield Cllr Brian Quinn, for a tour of the local small businesses and charity shops at Broadfield Barton. Brian knew everybody (as I expected!) and it was a really enjoyable afternoon spent meeting the people who run the community shops that serve the residents of Broadfield so well.

One older resident stopped us and spoke about how one of the shops had been so helpful during the lockdown, going to great lengths to be able to provide fresh produce that, as we know was running out everywhere back then, so the community had what it needed over the past few, very difficult months. The friendly staff of the Santa Maria cafe, rightly proud of their fabulous Madeiran cooking, were so welcoming and having eaten there many times before I can say if you haven’t been there yet you are missing out!

They have plenty of outdoor seating too! The last place we visited was the newsagents, which is actually a fully stocked convenience store! Again, so welcoming with a great selection, even an American sweets and drinks area! Of course it’s important to mention both the relate charity shop and St Vincent’s do both raise money to serve the local community in their different capacities comma please remember them when you are done eating stuff if you live nearer to them they are very grateful for any support you offer in terms of bric-a-brac donations and clothing.

So, thank you Cllr Quinn, and thank you to all of the people who were so friendly and welcoming today, including the many residents who stopped us for photographs!”

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