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Got an opinion you want to share? Get it off your chest Crawley!

Crawley News 24 now accepts opinion pieces from our readers for publication.



The letters pages of papers have always been a great way for people to express their views and now we are opening this up to everyone who reads our news.

If there is something you would like to talk about, a view you would like to give or just an opinion you feel others would like to read then now you can send it in to us for publication on our Opinion page.

We will endeavour to post every letter we received as long as the following is met:

Opinion pieces must be emailed to:

Must be accompanied by your full name and address. No anonymous letters will be published. If there is a genuine reason not to publish the name of the author then this may be accepted on request of the sender and with agreement of the editor.

Crawley News 24 reserves the right to edit any opinion pieces it receives for any reason.

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Francis Guidera

“Get off your bikes when in Queen’s Square!” demands Crawley Councillor

Councillor Francis Guidera says enough is enough with people riding their bikes around the town centre square.



It’s bad enough normally, but with all the works going on there is extremely limited space to get about in the Square and as a result there have been several near-misses reported to me recently.

Earlier this week I witnessed one idiot, a grown adult, swerving through a group of small children whilst pulling a wheelie!

Slow hand-clap for that clown…

People leaving the shops are now finding themselves dicing with death as irresponsible people rush by on their bikes.

Yesterday, Sunday 17th of February I witnessed two men ride along one section as I discussed the issue with a concerned member of the public.

I was also told that one man who was shouted at to get off his bike shouted back that there were no signs?

Really? You need a sign?

So if you’re one of the people who currently rides a bike through the town centre, you should be under no illusion: if you do hit and injure a pedestrian you could well be prosecuted and I don’t think there’s a judge in this land that would accept a defence that a 3 year old child or an 80 year old is at fault for your slamming into them.

Cllr Francis Guidera.

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