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Going…going…GONE! Crawley Council release fascinating time-lapse video of town halls demolition



The last full council meeting was held. Staff were moved along the building so they could still work. Hoardings went up and large machinery was driven on site.

From a distance and from small gaps in the fencing you could see the slow but steady demolition of the Civic Hall and the first part of the town hall as it was taken down.

Now Crawley Council have released a time-lapse video showing this demolition taking place and it is really fascinating to watch:


Nervous time for Crawley & Gatwick Pret A Manger shops as chain announces closure of 30 shops and at least 1,000 job losses



Pret A Manger is to close 30 of its shops as it struggles to cope with the problems caused by COVID-19.

According to the food chain they had faced ‘significant operating losses’ during lockdown.

The closure puts around 1,000 jobs at risk and the chain has said it will make these closures before the end of this year whilst also reducing staff in its other locations.

Crawley has one Pret A Manager within The Martletts with several others located within Gatwick Airport itself.

It is not yet clear which shops will close but with jobs cuts to come across its shops it will be a very nervous time for Crawley’s shop staff to see if they are affected in any way.

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