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Goffs Park’s kiosk reopens in Crawley



The kiosk in Goffs Park is now open and offering visitors the chance to buy light refreshments.

Newly branded as The Café, an independent business has taken over the running of the kiosk from Crawley Borough Council which last opened in late summer 2019.

The Café is offering a range of snacks, drinks and ice creams from only £1. Pitch and putt prices are £3 per child, £4 seniors and £5 adults.

Goffs Park pitch and putt is an 18-hole course suitable for all ages and abilities. The course is open every day from 10am-6pm. All golf clubs are to be handed back to the kiosk no later than 6pm.

Councillor Chris Mullins said

“This is a great opportunity for the park and will make the visitors experience better giving the visitors a chance to quench their thirst or hunger while enjoying all that Goffs Park has to offer.”

For more details visit or search for Goffs Park Café on Facebook.


New £100k pedestrian crossing for families’ taking children to school installed in West Green



West Green Primary School Business Manager Annette pictured trying the new crossing with her daughter before the school reopened.

A new pedestrian crossings has been installed in the past few months and is now operational, helping families with the walk to a school in West Green.

The crossing in Crawley cost £100,00 and is aimed to improve safety for families with school-age children – plus pedestrians generally.

With schools reopening and roads becoming busier after lockdown, people are being encouraged to leave their cars at home and consider other travel choices.

Roger Elkins, Cabinet Member for Highways and Infrastructure, said:

“The new crossings provide a safer route to schools for families and to other local amenities for pedestrians generally.

“People are being encouraged to consider walking or cycling for their journeys, if they can. It’s a great way to get fit, save fuel money and reduce the number of cars on the road. This in turn will improve air quality and reduce congestion.”

West Green Primary School requested the Puffin crossing for West Green Drive and worked with the county council’s transport improvements team to build the case for road safety improvements.

Other enhancements had already been introduced, including ‘School Keep Clear’ markings, to provide pupils and parents with a safer environment.

Throughout this process, West Green continued to provide pupils with road safety education and encourage sustainable travel.

West Green Primary School Business Manager Annette Tomsett said:

“The school is delighted to have worked closely with West Sussex County Council in bringing to fruition this crossing. It will make a huge difference in the safe route to school for our pupils and families, alongside having a positive impact for the whole community for now and for the future.”

The improvements cost a total of about £100,000.

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