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‘Go home now!’ desperate plea as Crawley skatepark seen full of kids a day after lockdown announced



24hrs have not even passed and it seems that the Prime Mininsters message is still not reaching some across Crawley.

One resident who was walking her dog this morning and keeping her distance from others said she saw fifteen kids already using the skatepark as early as 9:30 this morning.

Another lady who was walking to work across the park said she called out to some kids saying, “Go home now!” but she said they either did not hear her or chose to ignore it.

Another report said that a group of five women were seen working out together close by and interacting closely.

It seems the message is still not being taken seriously with some flaunting the advice.

Comments on our facebook page have also suggested that some are purposely not going to stay in, with one posting a conversation with an individual who said:

“you can’t stop people from going out it ain’t a prison”.

The advice from the government and all health care workers is STAY AT HOME. The advice is not just to protect yourself but to protect others as you may carry the virus and have no symptoms.

Crawley Council said the skate park is officially closed but as it’s an open access site there is no simple way of shutting it off.

Community Wardens and Play Maintenance Team have now dispersed those who were there and have added it to their list of hotspot areas to patrol.


Crawley hairdressers, hotels, pubs and restaurants to reopen from 4th July as lockdown is eased



The Prime Minister has made an announcement in the House Of Commons this afternoon where he announced further easing of the lockdown restrictions.

These included reducing the social distance rule of 2 metres to 1 metre.

In a move that will help and be appreciated by most people, hairdressers will also be allowed to reopen provided visors are worn.

From July 4th, two households of any size can meet both indoors and outside provided social distance rules are followed.

Pubs, restaurants, hotels, holiday house and campsites can also open from the 4th July.

Schools are also to be reopened from September with all children to return as normal.

But several sectors are still not allowed to open and include, indoor gyms, nightclubs, theatres and swimming pools to remain closed for the time being.

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