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Get ready, Krispy Kreme is coming to Crawley

Krispy Kreme is set to open a sweet new store at County Mall, Crawley – opening at 10am on the 25th June – you dough-not want to miss it!



The store, shaped just like the iconic doughnut dozen box, will open its ‘lid’ to customers in Crawley just in time for them to get their hands on the much-loved sweet treats this summer.

To celebrate the grand opening, Krispy Kreme has planned an opening day jam-packed with fun for Crawley’s doughnut fans. To kick off the festivities, the first, second and third in line will be rewarded with extra special prizes, and to put the glazing on top, the first dozen in line will also receive exclusive Krispy Kreme goodies! 

Krispy Kreme’s very own buzz-wire will also be at the store on opening morning, giving customers the chance to win freshly baked, tasty treats… if they have a steady hand!

Bringing a ‘hole’ new look to the Krispy Kreme retail experience, the all-new box store will give Krispy Kreme fans joy-filled moments every time they visit. There will be sixteen varieties of sweet treats on offer at  the County Mall, Crawley store, from the iconic Original Glazed, to the melt-in-the-mouth Lotus Caramelised Biscoff. There’s a freshly-made treat to suit every taste bud!

Craig Evans, UK new store openings manager at Krispy Kreme, said:

”We can’t wait to meet Krispy Kreme fans at our new store at County Mall, Crawley – we know fans have been calling for a store in the area for some time, so we’re really looking forward to opening day.

“We’re all about sharing the magic at Krispy Kreme, so to celebrate the opening we’ll be dishing out hundreds of complimentary doughnuts across the local area in the lead up to the opening…shoppers and doughnut lovers, keep your eyes peeled – we will see you there!”

The new store at County Mall, Crawley is the fifth Krispy Kreme store to open its doors in 2019.

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If you thought all office space around Crawley was the same then think again



Travel around the town, particularly through the business district of Manor Royal and you will be hard pressed to find new modern office space that is both affordable and meets the needs of its tenants.

Whilst Regus has been around for years it has followed with lots of other businesses offering office space along with all the other extras, such as phones and furniture. But now they have taken it a step further, and one that is likely to shape the very future of serviced office space.

The new site in Manor Royal has transformed the concept that has been the stalwart for Regus year upon year.

Sure there have been certain locations that have stood out, notably one in central London off Regent Street which literally took your breath away when you entered. Such an ideal location to impress a client.

Well now that glamour has come to Crawley and it is certainly a space that needs to be seen to be believed.

Gone is the cramp communal areas, replaced with wide open spaces and plenty of sofas and desks for residents and visitors to use as and when they require them.

Long breakfast bars circle a huge kitchen area which has already become the hub for tenants, making networking second nature.

A long row of hubs, small rooms where you can go make private calls or work without disturbance line another open communal area while high backed lounge chairs complete with built-in desks allow you to look out across the area while your finish your latest work.

And they have also ensured that the space is kept light and fresh with a huge atrium complete with sky lights bringing a sense of space and more importantly enthusiasm to the working environment.

No more corridors of bland office space, now you are spoilt for choice whether overlooking the impressive atrium or outwards across the town.

But one area that has really captivated people is their new shared office space.

Where once co-working space consisted of you turning up and taking whatever desk was available, Regus has taken the concept and thrown it out of the window. Now you get a permanent desk, yours, no-one elses! You can come and go as you please and still utilise any of their 3000+ sites across the world and, in this town, all for under £200 a month.

But the proof of what we are saying needs to be seen to really be believed.

The new Regus which only opened last November is having an open evening, a showcase event that should be attended by anyone wanting to either make that first step into an office environment, or by those looking for something superior to where they are but without the added costs.

Tomorrow, 30th May from 5pm to 8:30pm you can come and experience what can only be described as unique, special and highly desirable.

This is the future and is it now here in Crawley.

Regus’s showcase event is at Churchill Court 3, Manor Royal, Crawley , RH10 9LU or goto: register so you don’t miss this event.

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