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Gatwick’s top tips to save money when flying this winter

Head of Airline Relations at Gatwick Stephen King has, following 16 years working in the aviation industry, put together his tips on how to bag a flight bargain and save money when flying.



Choose a mid-week flight.

There are huge savings to be made by booking mid-week flights versus weekend flights. The airlines team at Gatwick have crunched the numbers to identify savings in the region of 50% on a return flight, in some cases, when opting for a mid-week departure.

Pack a hand luggage size suitcase.

Most airlines will let passengers take on one carry on piece of luggage included in the ticket price, and then will charge for any further pieces of luggage. So avoid any additional charges on your ticket by just taking the one carry on suitcase.

Take that city break in winter rather than summer.

We have again crunched the numbers and there are savings of up to 70% to be made taking a city break in a winter month over a summer month. A winter trip also provides the opportunity to see the key sights out of the hustle and bustle of the busy summer months.

You don’t have to be flying first class to get the airport lounge experience.

Gatwick has a No.1 Lounge in both its North and South terminals, where any passenger can take advantage of unlimited food and drink, watch TV or browse one of the many magazines available (whilst of course stocking up on some magazine reading material for your flight). Passengers booking the lounge in advance of their trip can save £8 and it’s also well worth booking in advance to avoid disappointment.

Dress to impress.

Putting on a smart outfit, rather than your comfy tracksuit, really does stand you a better chance of being upgraded into the next class of cabin. This is especially important if you are travelling on your own, as it’s easier logistically to move a couple of people around the plane rather than a larger group.

Consider booking your return flight with a different airline.

There is no need to book a return flight with the same airline as your outbound flight. More than one airline might offer flights to your destination – so it’s worth taking a look to see if you can save money flying to your destination on one airline and back with a different airline.

Gatwick Airport, Head of Airline Relations, Stephen King said:

“There are huge bargains for passengers opting for a mid-week flight over a weekend flight. Anecdotally, I know from friends and family that they have a good amount of leave to take before the end of the calendar or financial year and there are some great value flights for passengers to take advantage of over the next few months.

“To give just a small flavour of some of the return fares available, for under £40 passengers can jet off to Dublin. Amsterdam, Barcelona and Copenhagen for under £50, and for under £60 they can take advantage of a huge range of destinations including, Bucharest, Cologne, Kiev, Madrid, Nice and Paris.

“These European cities really are year-round destinations, so those savvy enough to travel in these cooler months get to experience these great destinations out of the hustle and bustle of busier times of the year.”

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“the scale of expansion currently being proposed would have a very wide range of impacts on the local community” says Crawley Council as Gatwick confirms to use standby runway



It was not at all unexpected. Gatwick Airport has revealed their plans to use its current standby runway for departing flights.

In order for them to do so though they will have to seek planning permission so that the airstrip can be widened as well as increase the gap between both runways.

But whilst some it’s potentially good news for jobs there has already been a backlash from campaign groups.

Crawley Council meanwhile has also made a statement, carefully worded to neither show support for or against the move.

A council spokesperson said:

“Gatwick Airport Ltd (GAL) is currently seeking permission for simultaneous use of both the airport’s existing and its standby runways. The question of whether or not to permit the dual use of these runways belongs exclusively to central government, with Crawley Borough Council having no direct role in the decision-making process. However, alongside other neighbouring planning authorities we do have the opportunity to participate in the process of scrutinising their emerging plans to ensure that all relevant considerations have been taken into account.

“Gatwick Airport is the biggest business in Crawley and the scale of expansion currently being proposed would have a very wide range of impacts on the local community. The participation of council officers and consultants in scrutinising Gatwick’s proposals is vital to ensuring these impacts are fully considered and that, in the event the Government approves the proposal, all possible mitigations are put into effect.

“When a developer seeks planning permission they are required to pay the council a planning fee to cover the costs involved in determining their application. In this case that fee will be going to the Government, as they are taking the decision. Consequently, to ensure we can afford to fully participate in the scrutiny process without unreasonable cost to the taxpayer, Crawley Borough Council alongside other neighbouring councils are negotiating an agreement with GAL to ensure that they provide the funding necessary for local authorities to fully participate in the planning process.”

But only time will tell on whether negotiations with GAL will provide the funding Crawley Borough Council needs to be able to participate in the way they feel they need to.

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