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Flights resume from Gatwick after another closure following drone sighting

It comes just as the airport was starting to get things running again but luckily this time it was only closed for around 40 mins.



It last almost 12 hours but now the problem seems to have arisen again.  Fortunately this closure was very temporary.

Just before 6pm Gatwick put a temporary closure on the runway. They also tweeted:

A Gatwick Airport spokeswoman said: 

“We are hearing a report of another drone sighting which we are investigating.  While we look into this we have taken the precaution of suspending operations on the runway.  We will update as soon as we have more information.”

It comes as a number of safety measures have been brought in to enable Gatwick Airport to re-open.

Only earlier today Assistant Chief Constable Steve Barry said:

“The number of options now available to help us detect and mitigate the threat from the drone has given us increased confidence in keeping people safe.

“This has been a particularly challenging situation. We have looked at everything possible that we can deploy to mitigate this threat and we have a range of measures, of differing levels of sophistication, in place which puts us in a much better position. We are being supported by Surrey Police and Metropolitan Police, as well as the military.”

Crawley MP Henry Smith said:

“I’ve consistently raised Parliament concerns at key national infrastructure sites like Gatwick being vulnerable to illegal drone activity.  This latest runway closure may be due to ultra sensitive after yesterday’s incident but in any case clearly a new, more robust strategy must now urgently be put in place by the CAA, DFT and law enforcement.”

Sussex police also issued a statement:

“Gatwick Airport have advised us that airfield operations have been suspended for safety reasons while reports of renewed drone activity are investigated.

Sussex Police is supporting the airport and is proactively deploying significant resources to seek and locate the drone and its operator and to ensure the safety of the travelling public and all those in and around the airport.”

Now the runway has reopened but passengers waiting to leave are very nervous.

One said:

“All four of us just want to get on the plane and get in the air, then we will start to relax.  It’s a nervous wait now though.”


Flights to Europe from Gatwick will be unaffected if a no-deal Brexit happens

It has been a point of much debate across Crawley and naturally within Gatwick itself.



But today Crawley MP got confirmation that in the case of a no-deal Brexit passengers can relax as there would be no problems with flights in and out of Gatwick to Europe.

Speaking in the House of Commons Henry Smith MP asked:

“Can he (the minister) confirm that there are aviation agreements in place so that planes will be flying to and from Gatwick and other uk airports on March 30th?”

The transport secretary, while brief in response, confirmed that a whole fleet of aviation agreements are in place.

This confirmation will come as a welcome response to both airlines, airports and passengers who have been wondering for quite some time what the situation would be in if a no-deal Brexit occurred.

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