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Gatwick PCSO shortlisted for national diversity award

Victor Finch, of the Gatwick Prevention Team, has been shortlisted for ’employee of the year’.



A passionate PCSO has been shortlisted for a national award for his dedication to diversity.

Gatwick based Victor Finch, has been the driving force behind a number of campaigns and initiatives aimed at raising awareness and improving the lives of people with disabilities.

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During his time with the force, he has worked his way up to secretary of the Sussex Police Disability and Carers Association, and has been a key player in ensuring Sussex Police delivers its promise to adhere to the Equality Act.

Now, he has been shortlisted for the ‘employee of the year’ title at the Inclusive Companies Awards (formerly the Excellence in Diversity Awards), which takes place on 15 November.

The awards celebrate those who go above and beyond the call of duty to improve the lives of others in workplaces and communities around them.

Vic, of the Gatwick Prevention Team, has assisted Gatwick Airport and the local community with a number of events, supporting charities such as Chestnut Tree House and Outreach 3 Way.

Furthermore, he was heavily involved in Gatwick becoming the first autism-friendly airport in the UK, which is now accepted by the Civil Aviation Authority as best practice nationally for all UK airports.

Closer to home, Vic faces his own daily battles – he was recently diagnosed with dyslexia and his two children have varying forms of autism, ADHD and Tourette’s – but insists, “I wouldn’t change it for the world”.

He added: “I feel I give considerable energy and enthusiasm to ensure everything I do is a success. My personal and professional commitment has a profound effect on many others, and this has been recognised outside of the organisation and nationally.

“I have received a number of awards for my work with diversity and to make a difference – including Chief Constable awards – and I’m over the moon to be shortlisted for this national accolade.

“I also volunteer many hours outside of work to my son’s school where I am a governor. This includes spending time in school, going on trips, giving advice to parents and networking. I attend a lot of talks and training presentations to ensure we as a school do our best for our disabled children.

“All of this, combined with having two disabled children myself, is a real challenge, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.”


A ‘Huge drugs bust’ at Gatwick turns out to be ingredients for Vegan cake

A potential HUGE DRUGS BUST turns out to not be quite what they thought it was!



Photo: Twitter @BTPSussex

Following a report police officers were called to Gatwick Airport Station on Wed 28th Aug.

A suitcase had been found stuffed full with 25 bags containing an unlabeled powder.

A potential drugs haul was then sent away for testing. But the results were not quiet what was expected.

A spokesperson for British Transport Police said:

“Following a number of enquiries and tests, it was determined these bags of powder were cake ingredients for a vegan bakery.”

Police later confirmed that the owner of the bag and the ingredients were eventually reunited whereby they were offered a slice of cake in return for their work.

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