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Gatwick hotel to double in size as they promise continued work with local community



Bloc Hotels has submiteed plans to increase the size of their Gatwick hotel turning it from a 245 room hotel to an impressive 473 rooms.

The huge growth proposal, if approved, will see a large extension added to the side of the current hotel.

The extension will see the hotel increase its footprint over the south terminal of the airport and allow them to offer more accomodation as demand for their unique facilities continues to grow.

Most exciting for the Crawley community is their promise to continue to work closely with local companies and education establiments.

Jemini Tarling, Group Business & Operations Manager for Bloc Hotel said:

“Having been a member of the Gatwick Diamond Business Association since 2014, we understand the importance of working closely with the local community on all levels and actively work with Crawley businesses on a day to day basis.

We currently support numerous local service providers including printers, laundry services and taxi companies among others.

We also collaborate with Crawley College, supporting student learning by facilitating hotel visits for project and work experience.”


727 easyJet pilots jobs at risk of redundancy as airline proposes closing bases at three UK airports



BALPA, the trade union representing its UK-based pilots, says that easyJet has today informed them that 727 of their pilots are at risk of redundancy.

In addition, the airline is also proposing to completely close its bases at Stansted, Southend and Newcastle airports.

The potential job loss would see almost 1-in3 easyJet pilots lose their jobs in the UK.

 In November 2019 easyJet acquired Thomas Cook’s slots at Gatwick Airport (12 summer slot pairs and 8 winter slot pairs) and Bristol Airport (6 summer slot pairs and one winter slot pair) for £36 million.

Brian Strutton, BALPA General Secretary, said:

“We know that aviation is in the midst of the COVID crisis and we had been expecting easyJet to make an announcement of temporary measures to help the airline through to recovery.

“But this seems an excessive over-reaction and easyJet won’t find a supply of pilots waiting to come back when the recovery takes place over the next two years. easyJet paid £174m out to shareholders, got agreements to furlough staff to protect cash, got £600m from the Government, has boasted of having £2.4bn in liquidity, and ticket sales are going through the roof so fast they cannot get pilots back off furlough quickly enough – so why the panic? It doesn’t add up. We are meeting easyJet today and we will be fighting to save every single job.

“This is more evidence that aviation in the U.K. is caught in a death spiral of despair and individual airlines are flailing around without direction. BALPA repeats its call for Government to step in, provide a strategy and back a moratorium on job losses while all stakeholders sort out an holistic way forward for the whole aviation sector.”

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