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Gatwick allows people to rent out their cars when away

The scheme provides a new ‘Rent & Earn’ service for passengers, alongside other existing parking options at Gatwick.



Gatwick & Car & Away's Andy Hibbert

London Gatwick have announced today it is to host a new peer-to-peer car rental scheme, the first UK airport to do so. This will allow people to rent out their vehicles to others, while they are away travelling.

Following a successful trial period, the airport is partnering with innovative start-up company, Car & Away, to provide a new ‘Rent & Earn’ service for passengers, alongside other existing long stay parking options at Gatwick.

Upon registering for the service, via the Gatwick parking website, the vehicle owner is provided with information about Car & Away’s qualifying criteria and the renting process. Their vehicle will also receive a mini valet service, irrespective of whether it is booked for hire while parked at the airport.

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Renters can find Car & Away’s available vehicles via the company’s partner,, when searching for rental cars from Gatwick. Once a suitable match has been found, the vehicle is available for collection from dedicated Car & Away parking bays, located in the valet arrivals area of the South Terminal.

Small vehicle owners can expect to earn up to £80 per week in rental income, while owners of larger cars can expect to earn up to twice that amount.

Car & Away also ensures all vehicles are fully insured, cleaned and meet Royal Automobile Club (RAC) approved vehicle roadworthiness checks, before being offered to renters. Octo Telematics systems are also installed to monitor the vehicle driving patterns.

Once the renter returns, the vehicle passes through the same checking processes and is waiting for the owner in the dedicated Car & Away parking bays upon their return from holiday.

Gatwick Airport’s Head of Car Parking, Gary Wallace, said:

“We are always searching for ways to provide new, innovative and ground breaking services so we are pleased to be hosting this exciting new scheme with Car & Away. The new service offers passengers an alternative option when it comes to renting vehicles from the airport and gives them a chance to offset their parking costs.

“Our goal is to help as many people as possible to travel for less, in a convenient way, and airport peer-to-peer car sharing services are another way of achieving this.”

Car & Away Founder and CEO, Andy Hibbert, said:

“We’re all used to, and comfortable with, the sharing economy. Many of us share our homes via Airbnb and some even share their most personal of possessions – pets – via the likes of! So, sharing a car while people go away isn’t such a big step. Especially when owners not only make money out of it, but benefit from dropping the car right next to the terminal and get a professional valet to boot!

“For renters we provide a great alternative service that saves time, money and provides you with the exact car you book – not a ‘similar’ one. Our early customer feedback really shows us why these things matter. When it comes to renting cars, together with our partners, we provide a service where everyone wins.”

To register for the ‘Rent & Earn’ scheme and find out more information about how Car & Away operates, click here.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Kevin hall

    26th February 2018 at 7:16 pm

    So let me get this right I go away for my well needed hols, and I can rent out my car whilst I am away, tell me this is a joke? I ask would I want some one to drive ? Say my jag that is my pride and joy. For some ? one to hire my beloved , and have the hell thrashed out of it, get loads of parking tickets . And nothing left of my tires, this is a joke , or am I out of touch with the real world.

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