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Five small gambles that could net you enough for a mortgage deposit



It can be tough to get on the property ladder and even the initial deposit is a big financial hurdle for many,  setting the average UK homebuyer back by £23,271.

With wages failing to keep pace with house price growth the affordability gap continues to grow and so property competition has looked at five scenarios where you could win enough cash to put down a 10% deposit on a typical property. 

Premium Bonds monthly draw

Premium Bonds see investors buy bonds where they qualify for a prize after a month.

If you invest £1 in a bond you have a one in 25,500 chance of winning a prize, however your odds of winning a meaningful prize are slimmer.

Indeed, the chance of winning more than £25,000 with a £1 bond is one in 3,565 million.

The chance of winning the top prize of £1m is also one in 40.99 billion, so don’t hold your breath. 

The Pools – footie5

Think you know your football?

Using a free bet, you could win £25,000 if you correctly predict the results of five matches in a given round. 

SkySports Super 6 

This is like the previous bet – but even harder.

If you predict the scores of six football matches you’d win £250,000, over the

£232,710 average house price. 

It seems a tall order, though you could attempt the feat as a free bet.

Betway 4 to score

You could similarly win a hefty sum with Betfair with a free bet, though the criteria to win is precise.

In four matches you’d need to select the first goalscorer correctly every time.

This sounds achievable if strikers like Harry Kane score first, though if a center-back scores from a corner you might come unstuck.

Euromillions – match 5

This game is £2.50 to play and the goal is to match five numbers with what’s selected.

If you get all five you’d win around £23,590, enough for a house deposit.

There’s approximately a one in 3.107 million chance of that happening.  

Marc Gershon from commented:

“Property affordability has become a huge issue and while these bets may seem unlikely to come in, they may be a more realistic route to secure a foot on the ladder for some. Whether it’s football, premium bonds, the lottery, or even a house competition like Win My Dream Home, it’s always important to bet responsibly and within your means.” 

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Homes with the best broadband speed are the cheapest!



With Labour’s plans to give away free broadband if they get elected, national fast sale estate agent, Springbok Properties, has looked at the current house price cost in areas with the best broadband speed and how it varies across the board. 

Springbok Properties looked at each category of broadband speed across every constituency in the nation and how house prices in these areas corresponded, as well as looking at the best and worst areas when it comes to house price cost for every megabyte per second of broadband speed.

The data shows that on average, homebuyers are paying £5,324 in house price costs for every one of the 48.79 megabytes per second of broadband speed.

Perhaps surprisingly though, the lowest average house price is found in areas with the highest broadband speed, an average of £189,077 for homes with 70+mbps.

The sweetest spot for property values? Between 50Mpbs to 60Mbps with the average house price in areas with this broadband speed hitting £283,959.

But where is home to the best value?

When looking at the best value based on the cost of property paid for every Mbps of broadband speed, Liverpool Walton comes out on top with an average broadband speed of 61.3 and an average house price of just £75,000 meaning homeowners pay just £1,223 in property prices for every Mbps.

Kingston upon Hull East was the next best value (£1,253), with Burnley (£1,585), Great Grimsby (£1,605) and Aberavon (£1,624) also amongst some of the best value spots in the UK for a mix of house price value and good broadband speed.

At the other end of the table, the Cities of London and Westminster ranks as the worst constituency for broadband property price value. With an average house of £1,115,000 and a dire average broadband speed of 24Mbps, it costs home buyers £46,458 in property prices for every Mbps of broadband speed.

London dominates the worst value areas with Kensington, Westminster North, Chelsea and Fulham and Bermondsey and Old Southwark also amongst the worst value.

On a regional level, London is also the worst value at £9,066 for each Mbps, while the North East provides the best value at £2,670 for each Mbps.

Founder and CEO of Springbok Properties, Shepherd Ncube, commented: 

“It’s amazing how something like broadband has become such an integral part of our day to day lives that it now influences everything from political promises to home buyer choice, but while good broadband can clearly influence a buyer’s decision, it seems that the homes that benefit from the very fastest speeds are actually the most affordable of them all. 

This suggests that although broadband speed is important, it isn’t the most influential bargaining chip when it comes to negotiating price as long as you aren’t stuck in the dark ages or in a Wifi blackspot.”

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