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‘Excuses have worn thin’ – Crawley Council Leader berates Sussex Police

Peter Lamb voices his concerns after another violent crime rocks community spirit.



The Leader of Crawley Borough Council, Peter Lamb has spoken out on Twitter about the recent ‘wave of drugs and violence affecting Crawley’.

This comes after yesterdays’ news that yet another person has been stabbed in the town. The 24-year-old victim, a local man, had to be flown by air ambulance to St George’s Hospital in London after he was stabbed in the leg in Crawley Boulevard. He was left in a critical condition.

More news: Part of The Boulevard sealed off after Crawley man stabbed

And now, the Leader of Crawley Council, Peter Lamb has voiced his concerns that police aren’t doing enough to make residents feel safe.

In a Tweet yesterday evening, Peter said: “It’s time @sussex_police got a grip on the wave of drugs and violence affecting Crawley. People need to know they will be kept safe. Excuses have worn thin.”

Reports of violent and sexual crimes were at 337 for the town in June, up from 318 in May. The worst affected area was Broadfield which had 50 reports of violent and sexual crimes in May and climbed to 56 in June.

According to statistics taken from, crime rates in the town are generally on the rise, with reported drug crimes hitting a total of 48 for the town in May, and dropping to 34 in June.

The number of reported weapon possession has increased in recent months too: 9 in May, and rising to 15 in June.

A response from Chief Inspector Rosie Ross, Crawley district police commander, comes after 2 months of silence from the police about the apparent visible rise in some crimes.

In a statement, Chief Inspector Ross said:

Understandably Crawley residents will be concerned about recent violence in the town and I want to reassure them that keeping our communities safe remains a priority. We have an ongoing commitment to target people supplying class A drugs in this area and to reduce the significant community harm which is caused.

“Increased patrols, execution of search warrants, and leaflets giving advice are all part of this drive, and we’re working with our partners, including the council, social services, business groups and other emergency services to safeguard the innocent and to detect and disrupt criminal activity.”

You can read the full statement here.

A group assault a man with learning difficulties; a man with an axe is tasered; a pensioner passes away after a robbery lead to a cardiac arrest; a murder investigation is launched after a woman died in a flat fire; and over £2.1m of cocaine is seized from Gatwick over 2 days. All within the past 4 weeks.

With all this, it’s no wonder residents aren’t feeling safe.


Crawley Council warns of rise of conmen knocking on doors across town



The message is very clear – Be scam aware!

Crawley Borough Council is warning residents to be scam aware following a rise in reports of conmen knocking on doors.

The council has recently received reports of two different scams, where residents are asked to pay thousands of pounds up front for work that isn’t needed or shouldn’t cost anywhere near that amount.

In the first scam, a group of men were knocking on residents’ doors claiming to be from a boiler company and saying that they had been sent to check on boilers.

This happened to a resident in Bewbush, who was told their boiler needed to be fixed at a cost of £4,000, which he was told to withdraw from his bank without telling anyone. This particular tenant was vulnerable but fortunately the bank staff knew him well and questioned why he was withdrawing such a large amount of money.

His support worker was then notified and the incident was reported to the police. Additional security measures have been put in place for this tenant.

The second scam was reported in Gossops Green, where a resident was scammed for fencing at a cost of £3,500. This was reported to the police and fortunately the cheque was cancelled before the scammers got their money.

Scams come in many different forms and not just on the doorstep. Other scams include emails, phone calls and text messages. We are encouraging tenants to be extra careful when buying products or services online or in person.

Some of the signs to look out for include:

*             You are asked to pay money up front, for example to cover delivery costs or to ‘release funds’

*             You have ‘won a prize’ in a lottery or competition you have never heard of, much less entered

*             You are pressurised or hurried into making a decision – e.g. told to ‘act now’ as the price will go up if you don’t buy immediately

*             You are told to not tell anyone else about it – for example ‘it’s an exclusive deal only for you’

*             Unsolicited emails, phone calls, text messages or letters

*             Emails from sources you don’t recognise that include attached documents or other files

*             Emails that appear to be from your bank, HMRC or another trustworthy source that ask you to reveal personal data, such as your account details.

Councillor Peter Lamb, Leader of Crawley Borough Council, said:

“There will always be a small number of people who seek to take advantage of others, but we can protect ourselves from scams by taking a little extra time to check people are who they claim to be.”

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