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EXCLUSIVE: Coach driver who blocked Natwest speaks out over making a protest

The driver and MD of the company was so angry after the way he was being treated by NatWest he took matters into his own hands and created his own protest.



The driver and MD of United Coaches and Minibuses who shocked people and staff after driving his coach up onto the pavement and blocked the entrance to the bank has spoken out and explained it was a protest.

Speaking to CN24 following the incident Mumtaz Rasool has explained why he did such a dramatic stunt.

Mr Rasool parked the coach right up against the bank forcing it to close.

Frustrated and angry Mr Rasool decided enough was enough after his account was closed  by the bank and made the dramatic decision to close their branch.

For a while Mr Rasool had been dealing with NatWest after they closed a wrong account for the company meaning he was unable to run his business.  His drivers and staff unable to be paid Mr Rasool felt he no option left after the bank kept saying they would help but nothing happened.

NatWest bank staff working with the police as the branch is closed.

On one occasion Mr Rasool spent 45 minutes waiting for a bank manager who was unable to do anything and said someone from the bank would contact him later that day but no one called.

After hours and hours on the phone,  more complaints online, emails back and forth and more representatives telling him to wait even longer the stress had reached such a level that caused Mr Rasool to act.

In a statement to CN24 Mr Rasool said:

“I am not sorry for my actions, my intentions were not to scare or frighten anybody, if I did so I apologise for that.  My intentions were to block the door of the bank to stop them operating.  Why should they be able to operate when I can’t, let them see what it’s like.”

Mr Rasool’s full statement explaining his actions can be read here.

But it appears Mr Rasool’s protest had the desired effect as the branch closed with the following notice:

Photo by Jane Tharby

Mr Rasool has also asked for any other customers who have been affected by bad service with NatWest to come forward and speak up about it.  If you have had similar problems with your bank please let us know.



Crawley wanted man caught after replying to police on facebook

Louis Brown tried to hide from the police by hiding under a mattress.



Louis Brown was caught by police after responding LOL on their facebook post

Police had posted on their facebook page his photo along with the reasons he was sought.

They said:

“He is wanted on recall to prison for breaching his bail conditions and believed to be in the Crawley area.”

But Brown thought is funny to respond to the post by putting “LOL” under it.

Crawley police though did have the last laugh after he was found hiding under a mattress at an address.

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