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East Surrey Hospital gets ready as they see increase in coronavirus cases



The Chief Executive of Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust has confirmed that the hospital is taking action to ensure that they are ready for any rapid increase in admissions.

As more and more parts of the country begin to see more lockdown measures imposed upon them (too late some may say) the local emergency hospital for Crawley has already begun to make preparations.

Described by some as the ‘hot’ intensive care unit – the unit was shut down not long after the national lockdown ended and cases subsided.

But now the unit has had to be re-opened as cases begin to increase once more.

Michael Wilson CBE, chief executive of Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, said:

“We know cases across the country are rising so we are making sure we are ready here at the hospital where we have seen a small increase over the last week.

It is absolutely crucial that everyone continues to follow the guidelines by washing hands regularly, wearing masks where required and keeping a safe distance from other people whenever possible. Anyone worried about symptoms or not sure what to do should use the 111 service on the NHS website or by phone.

Your local NHS is still here for you, so do not delay seeking help for other health issues too – the 111 service as well as your local pharmacy and GP can provide help and support, with accident and emergency services available for life threatening emergencies.”

The news comes just a Health Secretary Matt Hancock confirmed that people should report anyone they see breaking the emergency COVID-19 rules, adding on SKY News: “Everybody has got a part to play in this.”


How safe is my school in Crawley? Education union launches COVID-19 map



The National Education Union, the largest education union in the UK and Europe which represents over 450,000 members has launched a new website that they say provides ‘accurate, accessible and up-to-date information about the Covid-19 rate in the locality of every school in England.’

The site is aimed at people being able to check what the levels of Covid are around the school and whether the school is on a watch list or not.

They say the site is updated weekly, and the data will show the number of Covid-19 cases in a school’s surrounding area, the trend since last week (an increase or decrease in case numbers), whether or not the school is on a watchlist, and links to any local restrictions in place.

They add:

“In much of the country the map will offer reassurance that case numbers are quite low. In others, it will reinforce public health messaging from local authorities and Government that cases are higher. In all situations it will encourage members of the public to follow all public health guidance.

Where cases are higher, it will support head teachers in encouraging parents and other visitors to school sites to maintain social distancing and hygiene.”

Commenting on the launch, Kevin Courtney, joint general secretary of the National Education Union, said: 

“Everyone in the education sector has worked hard to make full opening of schools, colleges and universities as successful as possible this autumn, but they have been let down by the Government which hasn’t even ensured that Covid testing has kept pace with need.

“But this website will also encourage parents to support our asks of the Government that they help to support safety in our schools and colleges.

“Parents, students and staff also need urgent answers on next year’s exams, and how fit for purpose they will be. This is in light of not only the past summer’s fiasco, but also the disruption of local lockdowns in the months ahead.”

You can check the information around your local school at their new site by clicking here.

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