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Earthquake rocks Gatwick, Crawley and Horsham

The earthquake happened at 03:40 this morning.



BGS say the earthquake was a magnitude 3.7

Reports of the earthquake flooded into the British Geological Survey from people across Sussex and Surrey.

Reported at a magnitude of 3.7 it is one of the largest earthquakes the area has seen.

With reports saying it originated close to Southwater it was only 10 miles away from Gatwick Airport where some travellers reported feeling the buildings move.

One traveller said:

“It was quite violent, I thought it was the vibrations of a planes engines at first then realised that everything was shaking.”

One family in Crawley said they felt ‘a very strong tremor’ in the early hours while others reported headboards and furniture shifting around the room.

One man from Horley said:

“I had just got in from my late shift and was trying to watch tv when the room shook and I only managed to grab the tv from falling off the sideboard, it was that violent.”

Last year saw numerous earthquakes over just a couple of days leading people to ask what the real cause may be. Read that article here.


Crawley school honoured to be visited by Holocaust survivor



Students from The Gatwick School were fascinated to hear from a survior from the Holocaust when he made a visit to the school earlier this week.

Survivor John Hajdu, who was born in 1937, came to the school to speak about his experience of the Holocaust in Budapest, Hungary.

His forty minute talk fascinated the students who were clearing moved by what he had to ssay.

The testimony was followed by a question and answer session to enable students to better understand the nature of the holocaust and to explore it’s lessons in more depth. 

The visit was part of the Holocaust Educational Trust Outreach Program

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