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Dropped cigarette costs Crawley resident over £800 in fines



A woman who dropped a cigarette in the town centre has been fined £802 – after giving a false address and not paying a £50 Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN).

This is the second resident successfully prosecuted by Crawley Borough Council for giving a false address to Community Wardens.

In August 2020, the Crawley resident was seen dropping a cigarette butt and not picking it up in The Martlets by a Community Warden. The warden issued a £50 on-the-spot FPN for littering but was given a false address.

At Crawley Magistrates’ Court in April, the resident was found guilty of two offences under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. She was:

  • Fined £200 for dropping the cigarette butt
  • Fined £300 for giving a false address
  • Ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £50
  • Ordered to pay full prosecution costs of £252

The Chair of the Magistrates said that he was very pleased that there were local authority officers willing to follow through those who provide false information.

The Community Wardens patrol the whole of Crawley and anyone dropping litter can be issued with a FPN. The council may prosecute those who do not pay the FPN or give false information.

Councillor Gurinder Jhans, Cabinet member for Environmental Services and Sustainability, said:

“I’m pleased that council officers pursued this case. Dropping litter is lazy, anti-social and will never be tolerated, while giving a false address has increased this person’s punishment by more than 16 times.”

For more information about the council’s Community Wardens visit


Watch amazing time lapse as new Town Hall comes to life in Crawley



A time lapse video of the new Town Hall has been released by Crawley Borough Council, condensing 10 months of construction into just 100 seconds.

The video, which can be viewed here, shows the empty site transformed into a striking nine-storey building. Crawley Borough Council will occupy the bottom 3.5 floors and rent out commercial space on the upper floors.

The name of the commercial space will be The Create Building. The available floor space is between 14,000 sq ft and 77,000 sq ft and Crawley-based SHW are marketing this on behalf of the council. For more information visit

The landmark building, which is expected to be ready for occupation in February 2022, is part of a wider regeneration scheme at the eastern end of The Boulevard in Crawley town centre.

The scheme also includes 273 flats (of which 109 will be affordable), a new public square, public realm improvements, ground floor commercial space for a restaurant/café and district energy centre. It is a joint development between Crawley Borough Council and Westrock.

The entire redevelopment is transforming a major town centre opportunity site. The new Town Hall will:

  • Secure the council’s finances through the ability to generate new revenue from commercial office tenants whilst achieving significant savings on the council’s current running costs
  • Provide a better, fit-for-purpose building for customers, staff and councillors
  • Contribute to achieving the council’s wider ambitions around affordable housing, post-Covid economic recovery, and tackling climate change.

Councillor Peter Lamb, Leader of Crawley Borough Council, said: “We are facing enormous challenges as a town: financial, as we are forced to keep doing more with less; social, as we struggle with a housing crisis decades in the making; and environmental, as we need to move quickly to zero-carbon to avoid climate catastrophe. The redevelopment of the Town Hall site is a vital part of Crawley’s efforts to meet all three challenges.” For more information visit

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