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Dramatic footage shows extent of car fire in Orchard St car park

Captured by a local resident the damage could have been much worst if the emergency services had not been called.



Gino Ramos from West Green Drive was up early on Sunday morning (4th March) and noticed white smoke coming from the car park.

When he spoke to his neighbours they all mentioned how off the smell was and as Mr Ramos was headed to Asda he thought he would investigate.

When he got to the car park he could hear the faint roar of a fire and saw an orange glow before finally seeing a car ablaze within.

The white smoke had turned to an acrid black as Mr Ramos called the fire brigade.

Video taken by Mr Ramos clearly shows the full extent of the fire which totally destroyed the vehicle and damaged the walls and lights around it.

Clearly shocked by what he saw Mr Ramos said,

“I was the only person around that early on a Sunday morning, who knows how much more damage the inferno could have caused had the fire brigade not arrived as soon as they did.”

He was also able to capture video of the fire service who arrived at the scene quickly and extinguished the flames but even with such a fast response the damage done is clearly a concern.

Photo by Gino Ramos

“The lights directly above the car had melted from the heat and could pose an electrical risk for the rest of the car park.” said Mr Ramos.

Photos taken after the fire show the clear extent of what has happened.

A spokesperson from Crawley Borough Council said:

“Orchard Street Car Park is open and the structure of the building is sound. The glass from the car has been cleaned and all exposed wires has been isolated.”

A spokesperson from Sussex Police said:

“The vehicle, a red Ford KA, was parked in the multi storey car park in Orchard Street, Crawley, and police were informed by the West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service at 8.55am on Sunday (4 March).

If you witnessed any suspicious behaviour please report online  or call 101 quoting reference 306 of 04/03.”

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Multiple Fire Crews deal with two fires at Queensway car park in Crawley



Fire crews from Crawley and Turners Hill were called upon on Saturday (7th Nov) at 8.33pm after two fires were discovered at a car park in Crawley Town centre.

The fires were discovered in the stair well of the car park, but due to there being more than one, multiple crews were called upon to handle the situation.

Passerby say they witnessed a large emergency service presence which included police and even ambulances, but a spokesperson for the fire service said that no-one had been injured.

Crews had to use breathing apparatus to deal with the fires which were extinguished quickly and the crews were able to leave the scene at 9.54pm.

The cause of the fires has not yet been released and the damage to the stairwells has not yet been released.

A West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service spokesperson said:

“We were called to a multi-storey car park in Queensway, Crawley at 8.33pm on Saturday by police.

“Crews dealt with two separate fires in the stairwell of the car park. Crews from Crawley and Turners Hill were in attendance.

“They used breathing apparatus and high-pressure hoses to deal with the fires. We left the scene at 9.54pm.”

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