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Don’t expect an early result from Crawley’s election

With councils up and down the country already posting their results residents in Crawley may be surprised to learn that they wont get to hear the towns final count till mid afternoon.



The headlines are already hitting the national media with early indications that both Labour and the Conservatives are taking huge hits in the local elections.

Many are putting this down to the Brexit fiasco with so many spoilt ballots papers revealing the true feelings of how the parties have acted.

As polling day approached numerous politicians campaigned against local elections being decided over the actions of MP’s saying that residents should not react to the hard work that their local councillors do just because of how parliament has acted.

But it now clear that this has fallen on deaf ears and the publics true feelings are being screamed up and down the land by the results.

So why have some results already come through for some large areas while Crawley will not know till the afternoon?

There are two main reasons. The first is that whilst some councils started their count late last night, Crawley along with others in the county are not starting till this morning.

The second reason is that this vote is for EVERY ward in the town and for each seat available. In the past it has sometimes only been one of two seats up for election but on this occasion there are two or three available for each ward.

This means the count could take up to late afternoon to bring all the results in.

There are of course some variables that could bring about an earlier result, most notably the number of voters. If there was a poor turn out then the counting will not take as long and therefore the possibility of an early result is very likely.

Other factors such as re-counts can also play a large part. Which ever way it goes though it is highly unlikely that the final result will come through before mid-afternoon.

Henry Smith

Henry Smith MP: Get vaccinated against the flu



As our national response to COVID-19 continues, 30 million people will be asked to get vaccinated against the flu this year.

In England, the largest ever flu vaccination campaign is being launched, with all those eligible for the jab playing their part in saving lives.

Those able to receive the vaccine will be all primary school children as well as Year 7s for the first time; two- and three-year-olds; the most vulnerable people including adults aged 65 and over, those with long-term health conditions and pregnant women; and household contacts of people on the NHS Shielded Patient List and all health and social care workers who have direct contact with the people they care for.

After uptake has been maximised for the most at-risk groups, invites will extend to 50- to 64-year-olds later in the season, eligible for the first time in recognition of the scale of the healthcare challenges posed by the pandemic.

With research from Public Health England suggesting that those testing positive for both flu and COVID-19 were more than twice as likely to die compared to people with COVID-19 alone, the importance of getting your flu jab cannot be underestimated.

Those with co-infection of both viruses are also more at risk of severe illness. I urge everyone in the eligible groups to get the flu jab this winter.

Henry Smith MP
Crawley Constituency

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