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Debenhams reopens after quick evacuation in County Mall

County Mall shoppers were left confused after Debenhams was quickly evacuated.



Debenhams, County Mall

Shoppers were left confused after they were swiftly evacuated from Debenhams in Crawley’s County Mall.

Customers were evacuated at around 11am this morning (19 July) after ‘a sprinkler’ set off the alarms.

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Shoppers waited patiently outside the closed storefront for Debenhams to reopen – which it did at around 11.25am.

Customers outside Debenhams in County Mall, after being quickly evacuated.

During the incident security were unable to say what the cause of the evacuation was. It has now come to light that a sprinkler that went off it the basement at Debenhams caused the alarms to go off. Staff had no choice but to follow procedure and evacuate the premises.

One Twitter user posted, seemingly confused about the brief closure:

County Mall were quick to respond:

After a short wait, customers were able to resume their shopping at about 11.25am.

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Woman taken to hospital after collision with bus

Roads around Gossops Green were closed as emergency services attended to the scene.



A 30-year-old woman has been taken to hospital after a collision with a bus.

The collision occurred on Gossops Drive causing roads around the area to be closed by the police.

A spokesperson from Metrobus said:

“At 5.50pm today a Metrobus route 1 bus was travelling along Gossops Drive, near the Windmill pub in Crawley, when a pedestrian coming from a side street ran in front of a car and then into the path of the bus, which knocked her over.

The bus hit the lady and she suffered head injuries. She was taken to Royal Sussex Hospital in Brighton and her injuries are not life threatening.

CCTV, which is on all of our buses, clearly shows the sequence of events. The lady was wearing a hoodie, which may have affected her view of the road.”

Metrobus’ Managing Director Martin Harris said:

“We urge people to take care when crossing the road, particularly in the winter time, when visibility can be poor.

“This is an awful thing to happen to anybody and I am relieved her injuries were not life threatening. Our driver is shaken up but coping and he’s pleased the lady is ok.”

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