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Crawley’s Mystic Joe now knows what you do and don’t like

Crawley Borough Council’s six month consultation on arts, culture and leisure saw more than 1000 residents and visitors take part.



The consultation launched in January and was delivered through ‘Mystic Joe’, an interactive fortune teller booth created by Crawley born computational artist Joe McAlister.

Throughout the consultation, Arts and Community Development Officers and the Wellbeing Team took Mystic Joe to venues across the town including Crawley library, The Hawth, K2 Crawley, Children’s and Family Centre, community centres and events including school fetes and neighbourhood fairs.

Creative Producers for the consultation, Louise Blackwell and Naomi Alexander organised further focus groups with local businesses, young people, education providers and local cultural groups and artists.

Participants were asked a range of questions that focused on identifying gaps and gathering information on how arts and culture can be improved in the town, including:

  • What regular leisure and creative pastimes do you have?
  • If you don’t attend events and activities in Crawley, what are the reason(s) for that?
  • If you had the chance, what new creative and/or leisure experiences would you like to try in Crawley?
  • What is the most successful creative and/or leisure activity you have participated in or observed? Why did it work?
  • What’s missing from the creative and/or leisure offer in Crawley?

A report based on the huge amount of data and feedback is currently being compiled and will be available later on in the year.

From this, further work will include the creation of an arts and culture strategy for the whole town.

Cabinet member for Wellbeing, Councillor Chris Mullins’s said:

“I am delighted at the number of responses we have received to this consultation and the positive reaction to Mystic Joe. The feedback will play an integral part in informing the arts and culture strategy, something which the whole town will benefit from in the future.”


‘End the Rail Rip-Off’ says Crawley Council Leader

The call comes just as prices have been announced to increase for another year.



Cllr Peter Lamb who is also the Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Crawley has called for an end to the ‘Rail Rip-Off’ after it was announced that rail fares are to increase for another year.

Cllr Lamb says that the price of a season ticket between Three Bridges and central London has risen by over £1,100 since the Conservatives returned to Government while at the same time average real wages have fallen.

His call comes as more commuters question the quality of the services they are enduring with more and more taking to social media to complain of the lack of facilities and delays.

Cllr Peter Lamb, said:

“Like many residents, I depend upon the rail network to get to work. I know the frustration of being asked to pay out more and more every year for a service that just keeps getting worse. It’s time we had MPs who were willing to end the Rail Rip-Off and give the public back control over the nation’s railways.“

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