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Henry Smith

Crawley’s MP votes AGAINST Brexit vote.

Henry Smith MP tweeted his decision just before heading in to cast his vote.



The town’s MP made his decision of which way he intends to vote public moments ago.

Mr Smith tweeted:

The deal was lost with large majority:

Votes for: 242
Votes against: 391
Majority: 149

The pound had climbed following the PM’s meeting on Monday evening but following the Attorney Generals legal advice it dropped again.

All eyes are now on awaiting the result of tonights vote.


Flights to Europe from Gatwick will be unaffected if a no-deal Brexit happens

It has been a point of much debate across Crawley and naturally within Gatwick itself.



But today Crawley MP got confirmation that in the case of a no-deal Brexit passengers can relax as there would be no problems with flights in and out of Gatwick to Europe.

Speaking in the House of Commons Henry Smith MP asked:

“Can he (the minister) confirm that there are aviation agreements in place so that planes will be flying to and from Gatwick and other uk airports on March 30th?”

The transport secretary, while brief in response, confirmed that a whole fleet of aviation agreements are in place.

This confirmation will come as a welcome response to both airlines, airports and passengers who have been wondering for quite some time what the situation would be in if a no-deal Brexit occurred.

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