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Crawley’s LEAVE voters could inadvertently end up voting to STAY in this general election

With the new Brexit party now an addition to the ballot paper, those who voted to ‘LEAVE’ the EU may end up handing the election to a REMAIN party.



It had a 73.2% turnout when Crawley went to vote on whether the UK should leave or remain in the EU, and with 58.4% of the vote the town decided they wanted Brexit.


To put some context with actual numbers, 31,447 voted to leave while 22,388 voted to stay.

The country has had three years of misery as Parliament has been unable to follow through with what was voted for – but hey, let’s not get bogged down in what we already all know.

Now comes a general election and one that hopefully may sort out this sorry mess.

But will it?

Let’s assume that peoples voting decision has largely remained unchanged, then Crawley is still a leave town, but will it be after this election?


With the addition of the Brexit party now an option for voters here, its enticing image and rhetoric could be something a leave voter is won over by and if this is the case then there could be a shock for the town.

The chances are that Brexit party voters are likely to come from the right, namely normally Conservative voters, which could dilute a leave parties numbers.

At the last General Election in 2017 the Conservatives won by a majority of only 2,457 which means it does not take many people voting differently to change things abruptly.

Whilst physical numbers for the town may state that the residents want to leave, their voting may end up saying the opposite as they split their votes amongst parties allowing a remain party to win.

Of course the opposite is also possible. You only have to look at the huge change in numbers that allowed the Conservatives to retain both seats in the recent by-election in Tilgate to see a hint of that.

But with messages still unclear from all parties of what they are offering it is this confusion that could be a leave voters undoing.

Whilst every party is promising the world in order to attract your vote, (NHS protection, Rail made public again etc) they need to remember that this election was only ever going to be about one thing…Brexit.

Henry Smith

Henry Smith: Getting Brexit Done in Parliament

In his article this week, Crawley MP Henry Smith talks about finally getting Brexit done.



After three and a half years, which included one referendum, two general elections, and the British people’s clear decision on each of these occasions, last night in the House of Commons I joined my Conservative colleagues in voting for the EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill at its third reading, which passed by 330 votes to 231.


This means the Bill has completed its progress through the Commons and now heads to the House of Lords.

This legislation will ensure that the UK ceases to be an EU member at 11pm on 31st January; the EU Communities Act 1972 will be repealed and we will enter the implementation period.

It is time for our nation to focus on other priorities. The Chancellor’s first Budget will take place in March, and will set out this Government’s plans to unleash Britain’s potential.

These include tackling the cost of living for hard-working people, delivering world-class public services like our NHS and investing in green infrastructure to reduce carbon emissions.

At the start of 2020 we can make sure that we enjoy a decade of renewal – let’s take this opportunity and make the most of it.


Henry Smith MP
Crawley Constituency

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