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Crawley tops the list of West Sussex councils with the highest number of COVID cases per 100k



Data from 25th Dec - 31st Dec 2020

As the country enters its third lockdown the latest figures show Crawley is top of the list for COVID cases per 100,000 people.

In the last week alone 831 cases per 100,000 were recorded bringing the total number of cases for Crawley to 3571.

This is a rise of 368 cases from the previous week with deaths now at 91.

But the highest rise in cases for the past week is in Arun with a huge rise of 572 cases in the last week.

Mid Sussex currently has the highest number of reported cases at 4060 with also the highest number of deaths at 194.

Deaths registered up till 18th Dec ’20

The figures come just as Crawley Council announced that businesses that have had to close due to tier 4 restrictions can now apply for government grants.

This latest grant, called Local Restriction Support Grants (closed businesses), are for the period 26 December 2020 until 8 January 2021.

The grants are based on rateable value and the rate of payment for eligible businesses is:

  • For properties with a rateable value of £15,000 or under, grants are £667
  • For properties with a rateable value of between £15,001 and £50,999, grants are £1,000
  • For properties with a rateable value of £51,000 or over, grants are £1,500.

Three other grants are currently available but the number of applications remains low. The grants are:

  • Additional Restrictions Grant
  • Local Restrictions Support Grant (closed businesses during the second national lockdown)
  • Christmas grants for ‘wet-led’ pubs.

Crawley Borough Council is administering and distributing all four grants on behalf of the government.

Additional Restrictions Grants are for businesses that were affected by the lockdown but are not legally required to close. This funding lasts until March 2022.

The previous round ended with the council receiving just 367 applications, including 342 from taxi drivers.

Applications have reopened and must be submitted before 10 January 2021.

Eligible businesses are those who:

  • Are not entitled to Local Restriction Support Grants (were not mandated to close), and
  • Were open and trading the day before national restrictions were imposed (Wednesday 4 November), and
  • Can prove that they were severely impacted by the restrictions.

Businesses can check if they’re eligible for the Additional Restrictions Grant by visiting

Local Restrictions Support Grants (closed) are for businesses that pay business rates and had to close during the second lockdown from 5 November to 2 December. Only 181 businesses have received this grant to date.

The rate of payment for eligible businesses is:

  • For properties with a rateable value of £15,000 or under, grants are £1,334
  • For properties with a rateable value of more than £15,000 and below £51,000, grants are £2,000
  • For properties with a rateable value of £51,000 or over, grants are £3,000.

Christmas grants of £1,000 for ‘wet-led’ pubs are for pubs that had to close due to regional restrictions. Six pubs have benefited from this so far.

To apply, your pub must be based in Crawley, earn less than 50 per cent of income from food and had to close due to regional restrictions introduced on 2 December. Only the business rates payer can apply.

Applications for all four grants can be made at

There is further guidance and a copy of the West Sussex countywide policy on the council’s website at  

Councillor Peter Lamb, Leader of the Council, said:

“Crawley’s economy has been hit harder than any other in the country by the government’s Covid-19 restrictions. While we continue to lobby for more comprehensive support for the town, it is important businesses claim any support which is made available through this period.”

For more details on help available for businesses visit


Langley Green, Crawley man who posed as delivery driver jailed for attempted robbery



[Left to right: Cavelle Robinson, Jeamelle Baptiste, Ryan Roche]

A Crawley man is among three men who have been jailed in connection with an attempted robbery where they posed as delivery drivers and forced their way into the home of a terrified mother and her young children in south London.

Ryan Roche, 27 (28.06.93), of Melbourne Grove, Southwark, was sentenced to four years and three months’ imprisonment at Inner London Crown Court on Friday, 15 January while Jeamelle Baptiste, 28, of Juniper Road, Crawley, West Sussex, (03.11.92) was sentenced to three years and 11 months’ imprisonment.

Cavelle Robinson, 26 (25.04.94), of Grange Road, Croydon, was sentenced at the same court on 8 December 2020 to three years’ imprisonment.

All three pleaded guilty to attempted robbery at the same court on Monday, 28 September. In addition, Robinson pleaded guilty to possession of a Class B drug (cannabis).

The court heard that at about 18:50hrs on Friday, 3 July, Robinson drove Roche and Baptiste to near a residential address in Dulwich.

Baptiste posed as a delivery man – even wearing a delivery company’s t-shirt and a surgical facemask – and rang the doorbell. When the victim – a woman in her 30s – opened the door, Baptiste told her he had a parcel for her. She told him to leave it on the doorstep. He asked for her name and after she replied, he said he had made a mistake and he left.

A few minutes later, the victim heard the doorbell ring several times. She eventually opened the door while holding her one-year-old daughter. Baptiste was once again at the door holding the parcel. The victim told him to leave it on the doorstep when Roche, who was hiding to one side, jumped out and forcibly pushed the victim into the house.

Roche was also wearing a facemask.

The victim pleaded with the suspects not to attack her or hurt her child. Roche and Baptiste kept repeatedly ‘where are the drugs?’. The victim replied there were no drugs in the address, but there was some money in a container on the kitchen counter.

When Baptiste and Roche turned their backs to look at the money, the victim took the opportunity to run into her garden and shouted ‘call the police, I am being attacked.’ She saw a neighbour in his window. Roche went into the garden, grabbed her arm and dragged her back inside the house.

Clearly spooked by the victim’s actions, Baptiste said to Roche ‘let’s go.’ Baptiste ran out the front door and Roche quickly followed. The victim ran out into the road and again shout that she was being attacked and to call the police.

A number of neighbours left their houses and chased after the suspects. One of the neighbours saw the two men enter a black Volkswagen Golf, which was parked nearby.

Immediately after this neighbour called the police, officers in a marked vehicle saw the car approach a junction at speed. They blocked the car at the junction and Roche and Robinson were detained and arrested. Baptiste ran from the front passenger seat and began garden hopping – discarding clothes as he ran – but he was soon detained and arrested.

Officers searched the vehicle, registered to Robinson, and found the delivery company t-shirt in the front passenger foot well.

Detective Sergeant Chris Shepherd, from the Central South area’s Burglary and Robbery Investigation Team, said:

“This case of mistaken identity was an absolutely terrifying ordeal for the victim and her three young children. Luckily, she bravely used an opportunity presented to her to run outside and alert her neighbours.

“I’d like to thank her neighbours for being so vigilant and for calling the police, providing excellent descriptions of the suspects and the getaway vehicle. This allowed nearby response officers to swiftly apprehend and arrest the culprits of this abhorrent crime. The evidence we put together left the suspects no choice but to plead guilty.”

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