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Crawley Sixth Form students giving back to the community

As part of an enrichment programme a small group of students from the sixth form at Thomas Bennett Community College are dedicating time each week to visit Langley Green Hospital.



The students accompanied by teacher Ms Willson are working in the garden at the hospital.  Home to the hospitals ‘wander loop’ the garden is a place where patients are able to walk and wander to get some space and fresh air in a secure environment.

The garden also houses a wildlife area which the students are creating alongside the many vegetable patches.  All of the vegetables produced from this part of the garden are then used to teach the patients how to cook and prepare meals.

Also included in the garden is a sensory area with plants that have different textures, smells and colours.

Although they have their work cut out the Thomas Bennett students are thoroughly enjoying the weekly trips and say that it’s so fulfilling to know how much the hard work they are putting in will benefit patients. 

Ms Willson from Thomas Bennett Community College said:

“The students and I are already feeling the benefit of having the opportunity to spend an hour outside together.  We’re learning a lot about ourselves and each other and skills we didn’t realise we had.

It’s absolutely delightful to hear the contribution that these wonderful young students are making to Langley Green Hospital and the wider community.”


Crawley’s Thomas Bennett Students Celebrate Christmas with a Winter Concert



Students at Thomas Bennett Community College celebrated Christmas with an amazing Winter Concert held last night.

More than 25 students performed and showcased an amazing array of talent.  Performances included some Christmas classics as well a vast array of music and songs from all genres.

The school hall was packed to the rafters with family, friends and staff all of whom came to watch.  Decorated beautifully for Christmas the atmosphere in the school was fantastic.  The highlight of course was the students, whose talent was just incredible.  Students played a range of instruments including keyboard, guitar and drums.  There was also plenty of vocal performances from students whose outstanding talent was just phenomenal.

Lots of hard work and commitment went into making the evening such a success.  Students have been practising tirelessly in the weeks leading up to the event to ensure that they were able to perform with confidence.  The schools Sixth form students also played in a big part and helped organise the event and made sure it run smoothly. 

However, the concert wouldn’t have been such a huge success without the hard work of the schools entire music department.  Mr. Dobson, Ms. Wookey and Ms. Harvey all worked phenomenally hard to ensure that the evening was brilliant.  Their passion for music and teaching really shone through.

The event was the perfect way to finish the winter term. 

Headteacher, Stuart Smith said:

“The Winter Concert was just incredible.  I really couldn’t be prouder of the outstanding talent shown by the students last night.  The event was a real highlight of the year and wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of Mr. Dobson and the music department.  We have some incredibly gifted students and watching them perform last night with such confidence was amazing to see.”

The whole school community enjoyed the experience so much that they are now busy thinking ahead and are getting ready to prepare for their Easter music concert.

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