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Crawley school teachers set toilet roll skills challenge and this is what happened!



Staff at Holy Trinity School in Crawley have come up with another unique way to keep their students entertained.

This time the staff were set the challenge to come up with their best skills with a toilet roll.

Teacher Phillip Hall said:

“We just hope that seeing these videos cheers our students up a little while on lockdown and lets them know that we are still a big community even if we aren’t in the same building.

Keep an eye out for new challenges coming in the next few weeks!”

Watch the video below:


‘Don’t force children to go hungry’ says Crawley Council leader after MP’s vote against extending free school meals



It was always going to cause a huge debate but following a vote in the commons yesterday a motion to extend free schools meals into the holiday period was rejected.

Now Crawley’s Council Leader had spoken out saying that up to 2,511 children in Crawley are now at risk of going hungry over the holidays.

In a statement Cllr Peter Lamb wrote:

“Even before the pandemic, a third of Crawley’s children were growing up in poverty. Now, with more families in Crawley facing unemployment than ever before, the need to ensure children from low-income households are fed through the school holidays has never been greater.”

Now Cllr Lamb has called on the government to extend free school meals into the school holidays, including the upcoming October half term and Christmas, saying this is the only way to ensure no child goes hungry during the coronavirus pandemic.

Cllr Lamb said:

“Crawley’s economy is suffering the impact of COVID-19 harder than anywhere else in the country, the government’s unwillingness to support the aviation sector having cost the town thousands of jobs with thousands more at risk. Now more than ever we need support for low-income families to ensure the mistakes of the government don’t force children to go hungry.”

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