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Crawley School gives West End a run for its money



School productions are a part of a tradition we all can relate to. It’s something we remember well, whether we participated or not.

But there has always been an underlying smirk on peoples faces when a parent announces they are off to see their child in their schools production.

Even Hollywood portrays these productions as something parents have to ‘endure’ as opposed to get excited about.

And whilst it can be a thrill to see your little one stood on the stage, after an hour of cringe worthy singing you start to wonder why you’re sat in the middle instead of at the end of an aisle near a door.

With a huge amount of pomp and social ceremony St Wilfrid’s have been advertising their latest production, Grease, to the world of Crawley and through it’s superb imagery and photography have really inspired excitement.

To view the full programme click here.

We were lucky enough to be allowed to see the schools first full run through before their debut performance this evening and without holding back any longer and certainly without trying to sound too dramatic…WOW!

Every single analogy, every single thought of dread, of being bored vanished.

What we saw wasn’t a school production.  What we saw was a full on professional performance that would compare equally to a West End show.

The incredible orchestra who are performing live every single night.

It wasn’t just because of the superb acting. It wasn’t just because of the fantastic musicians and backstage team. It wasn’t even because of the brilliant set and incredible car they built.

What makes this such a good production was the way that every element seamlessly fit together – and that is what makes something become professional and not amateur.

Some of the backstage and technical crew.

The auditorium was filled with younger students from other schools, almost as a way of testing an audience.  These were children at an age where being restless 24/7 is a given. If ever there was a more demanding audience it was these pupils and given the fact that at no stage were they anything but 100% engaged is more than enough proof of how captivated they all were.

It would be unfair to single out any one person for their performance, but the way the school has blended in students from all years makes the show very believable.

With such a famous show you would have thought the school would have had so much material to help bring it all together.  But, on speaking to staff it turns out even the script wasn’t what they expected.  In-fact, a huge amount of time had to be put in to just get the script fitting with the original film.

Mr Hadden, Subject Leader for Drama comments,

“After years of being asked by students “can we do Grease?” we have finally succumbed and we are now hard at work in rehearsal. The auditions took place over 3 days and over that time we had over 160 students audition. It was one of the hardest shows to cast with so many talented students and even with casting almost 90 students, there were still a huge amount of talented students that we simply could use.”

St Wilfrid’s is gaining a reputation for its incredible standards with media and this is having an obvious effect in all aspects of this production.

If you are looking for something to do this week then we cannot recommend anything more exciting than going down to St Wilfrids with the whole family.

How to sum up something this special?  How about this? I want to go to this school!

The production will run over four nights from Wednesday 21st February until Saturday 24th February 2018 starting at 7.00pm with an extra matinee performance on Saturday 24th February at 2.00pm.  It is sold out on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights but they still have tickets on the door tonight and for the matinee performance.

Tickets are priced at £8 for adults and £5 and are available by contacting the Student Services Office on 01293 421421.


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Elf Day at Crawley College helps raise money for Alzheimer’s society



Staff and students at Crawley College Group joined other colleges across their group including Chichester, Brinsbury, Haywards Heath and Worthing Colleges – as they dressed as elves earlier this month in support of Elf Day, a festive themed fundraising event for Alzheimer’s Society.

The days helped to raise nearly £1,500 for the group’s charity of the year.

Lisa Humphries, Director of Student Services and Pastoral Support for the Chichester College Group, said:

“Everyone out-elved themselves in support of Alzheimer’s Support.

“We were overwhelmed by the support everyone gave us, raising an incredible amount to kick-off our fundraising efforts for our chosen charity of the year.

“The elves really were out in force on all campuses, from making treats to sell to walking many memory miles and attending virtual workshops to find out more about dementia.

“The support our students and staff gave us was phenomenal, especially our student experience team who organised events at all of our colleges.”

The Chichester College Group will be fundraising for Alzheimer’s Society throughout the remainder of the academic year, with more events planned over the coming months/

To donate, please visit:

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