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Crawley School evacuated after claims of explosive device

Hazelwick School in Three Bridges was evacuated this morning after receiving the claim in an email.



Police responded to a claim that an explosive device had been placed at Hazelwick School in Crawley.

The claim was made in an email received overnight and opened as office staff arrived on Monday morning (January 7).

The school took the decision to evacuate while the premises were searched.

The children were held outside for over thirty minutes but the school resumed its normal activities shortly afterwards.

The school sent out a letter to parents and carers following the incident saying:

“This morning we received an external email which required us to seek police advice and guidance. To ensure the safety of our school community during this process, we took the decision to relocate students and staff to the astroturf for a short period of time.

Following a police presence on the school site, we were assured that the normal school day could be resumed.

As always during fire drill procedures, our students’ behaviour this morning was exemplary.

The email has similarities with those received at other schools across the UK over the last year and are being treated as malicious hoaxes.

Any parents concerned about their children should contact the school they attend or the local education authority for further advice and information while the matter is further investigated.

Schools receiving similar emails should contact police online at or call 101. In the case of any other threat, contact police on 999.


Crawley joins money-saving initiative

Crawley Borough Council has become one of the founding members of the Local Government Mutual, helping to save money every year.



The mutual aims to save its members money by offering an effective alternative to the conventional insurance products and services available to local authorities.

Any surpluses the mutual generates may be used to reduce the cost of insurance, improve the claims process or returned back to members as income.

The structure of the mutual means the council will not pay insurance premium tax, currently set at 12 per cent, on the vast majority of insurance products.

As well as saving money, the mutual puts councils in control by working together, sharing knowledge of best practice and reducing members’ risk exposure without increased costs.

Leader of the Council, Councillor Peter Lamb, said:

“It’s great to see Crawley Borough Council become a founding member of this initiative. The mutual is another way the council is saving money to put back into services and to reduce the forecasted budget gap.”

As a member, the council can still choose between the mutual and private companies for its insurance. However, the mutual can offer price matching or better cover that is up-to-date with changes in local authorities’ organisational and operational activities.  

The council can insure through the mutual from 1 April 2020.

Find out more about the Local Government Mutual here:

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