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Crawley school celebrates their first ever Thai Pongal festival in the town

Having only launched in September ’18 the Bharathi Tamil School celebrated their first ever Harvest festival at the weekend.



Known as the Thai Pongal festival it is a Harvest festival that is regarded as one of the most important festivals celebrated by Tamil people around the world on the 15th January.

In preparation for the festival people will clean their houses and even buy new clothes to wear as part of the celebrations.

Last Saturday 19th Jan saw the school celebrate the festival with it’s staff, parents and children, all dressed up in traditional clothing.

Children got a demonstration of how the festival is celebrated back in their homeland with Rangoli patterns and cooked a sweet rice dish known as ‘Pongal’ on a clay pot stove outside.

The reception class girls also performed a dance in-front of all the attendees while the teachers put on a drama showing what happens in different household in Sriilanka leading up to Pongal.

Rajarajan Thiruvathirai from the school said:

“If it was not for the staff of St Pauls Crawley Methodist church we would not have been able to fulfill our aims of the  school. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank them on behalf of Bharathi Tamil School.”

The school only launched in September with the aim of teaching Tamil and its culture to the community. It now has over 80 students and all the staff are voluntary.

Anyone interested in finding out more information on teh school can email them at:


The top 5 dishes Crawley people are ordering from Deliveroo



It’s been two years since Deliveroo came to Crawley and in that time it has become more and more popular.

Now with their anniversary coming up Deliveroo has released the top five most popular dishes ordered in the town.

Unsurprisingly the most popular time for locals to order is on a Friday night at 9:02pm.

So what are the most popular dishes?

At number 5 is a Jumbo Battered Sausage from The Master Fryer showing that despite all the foreign dishes available the good old fish and chip shop can still hold its own.

At number 4 is actually a desert. Cookie Dough Utopia with Milk Chocolate from Creams. Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth late on a Friday night?

At number 3 is the Bacon Double Cheese XL Meal from Burger King, the only burger restaurant in the top 5.

At number 2 is a curry, the Chicken Katsu Curry from Kokoro. Well it wouldn’t be a Friday night without a curry would it?

But at NUMBER 1 as the most popular dish currently ordered from Deliveroo in Crawley is the Boneless Banquet from KFC!

Boneless Banquet

Harison Foster, Regional Director of Deliveroo said:

“Our whole team here at Deliveroo are delighted that our rapid growth in Crawley over the past two years means that customers have more choice, restaurants are able to increase their revenue, and riders have opportunity to choose well-paid, flexible work.”

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