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Crawley school celebrates end of year with Summer Music Concert

Students at Thomas Bennett Community College celebrated the end of the school year with a wonderful Summer Music Concert.



Held in the schools purpose built theatre the evening was a huge success with over 20 students showcasing their musical talent by singing and performing live in front of family and friends. 

A staff member commented:

“Each and every student had worked hard in the run up to the evening to perfect their performance and it was clear to see.  The talent in the room was absolutely outstanding. “

The concert was hosted by the schools Head Boy and Girl who did a fantastic job of introducing each act with pride and enthusiasm. 

With a range of live musical instruments being played by the students from keyboard, guitar, drums and much more the talent was incredible.  To accompany the live music, students also sang live and perfected their vocals brilliantly. 

The evening was a real celebration of young talent which couldn’t have been possible without the hard work and commitment of Mr Dobson, who teaches music at the school.  Having spent the last three weeks working hard to ensure that the evening ran smoothly, Mr Dobson has also worked one on one with each student that performed to ensure they felt confident and prepared for the evening.

When asked Stuart Smith, Headteacher said

“The Summer Music Concert was an absolutely fantastic way to end the school year.  The evening was full to the brim of musical talent and the students should be incredibly proud of their performances.  We are also very thankful to Mr Dobson for all of the hard work that went into preparing this outstanding event”.


Crawley teacher launches new alternative to traditional teaching for 2-7 year-olds

Launched in Horsham at the beginning of July, Reading Rabbits! is a new interactive way for teaching young children.



Ava Labelle wanted to create something that would make learning fun and inclusive for children with all abilities and learning styles. Having been a teacher in Crawley for three years she decided to go it alone with her own phonics learning centre, turning a dream into a reality.

Founder Ava Labelle.

Reading Rabbits delivers interactive phonics classes in what they describe as “a fun, messy learning environment to help shape confident learners.”

Ava says:

“I believe that the enjoyment of learning  should be at the core of every lesson, particularly for the youngest learners.

We offer classes for ages 2-7 and have a unique SEN class with plenty of multi-sensory learning opportunities. Whether parents are looking for the best possible transition into school, consolidation of sounds to support their child’s reading or wanting to get ahead- Reading Rabbits can help them on their journey.”

“There are many tuition centres in the local area, but there are not any that focus purely on the younger years, and the learning styles needed for young children to succeed. Reading Rabbits hopes to fill this gap in the market to provide a fun alternative to traditional tuition.”

“For our preschool classes, children have the opportunity to be fully immersed in play based activities, which focus on the letter sound for that session. Parents are fully involved in the 45 minute classes to share the special moments of phonics learning together and can support their child with that letter sound at home.”

The centre had its first open day in Horsham last weekend which was a huge success.

You can find out more at their website:

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