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Crawley schools announce they will close if insufficient staff due to COVID-19



ICC is one of the schools who has sent a letter to all parents

Crawley schools are informing parents that they will close the school if there are not enough staff available to adequately run classes.

Ifield Community College, for example, sent a letter to all parents this morning (13th March) setting out their plans for coping with the coronavirus.

Headteacher Rob Corbett said:

“Usually staff who have a virus will struggle through or be off for a day or two and return. The level of cover, therefore, is likely to be much greater than usual. We may find that the amount of cover lessons required outstrips the number of staff we have available.”

In his letter Mr Corbett listed out their ‘graduated response’ starting with cancelling meetings, off site trips and staff training to ensure there was optimum available staff.

If the school still finds themselves overstretched then they will be putting multiple classes together in a large room with a senior member of staff.

He also says that if they still have insufficient staff then the school will close years seven and eight to release staff to years nine to thirteen.

If staff absences continue then more year groups will close to prioritise years eleven and thirteen.

The final step Mr Corbett says is that if so many staff are absent then the whole school will close.

Mr Corbett added:

“The next few weeks will be difficult and our capacity will be stretched and we would ask that you work with us.

Similarly, many students will need to be at home. We have been setting work for individuals this week but this will become unsustainable. I have asked for work to be set through go4schools homework for self-isolation. This is, wherever possible, self-marking work so that feedback is instant. I will not ask staff to mark work produced by students at home as this cannot be our priority, I am afraid.”

The full letter can be read here

Parents at other schools have also reported similar letters being received for their childrens schools including Holy Trinity who has the same letter here.


Elf Day at Crawley College helps raise money for Alzheimer’s society



Staff and students at Crawley College Group joined other colleges across their group including Chichester, Brinsbury, Haywards Heath and Worthing Colleges – as they dressed as elves earlier this month in support of Elf Day, a festive themed fundraising event for Alzheimer’s Society.

The days helped to raise nearly £1,500 for the group’s charity of the year.

Lisa Humphries, Director of Student Services and Pastoral Support for the Chichester College Group, said:

“Everyone out-elved themselves in support of Alzheimer’s Support.

“We were overwhelmed by the support everyone gave us, raising an incredible amount to kick-off our fundraising efforts for our chosen charity of the year.

“The elves really were out in force on all campuses, from making treats to sell to walking many memory miles and attending virtual workshops to find out more about dementia.

“The support our students and staff gave us was phenomenal, especially our student experience team who organised events at all of our colleges.”

The Chichester College Group will be fundraising for Alzheimer’s Society throughout the remainder of the academic year, with more events planned over the coming months/

To donate, please visit:

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